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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Want to see questions the IRS was demanding groups answer?

  I wrote a post yesterday about the IRS harassment of Tea Party groups (and perhaps pro-Israel groups?) yesterday; having listened today to the various Leftist operatives making the rounds today making excuses for this behavior, claiming that the groups who dropped out when harassed probably "weren't legitimate anyway."
  Imagine working a full time job--40 or more hours a week--and wanting to be part of creating a civic organization that you feel will help your country and then being hit with this kind of bullying just to form the organization.
  Uh  no. This makes me so angry I am simply reposting some of the questions the IRS demanded of these groups. 
  Here are SOME of them from the Liberty Township Tea Party group in Ohio. Complete questions can be found here.
  Uh, no. This is deliberate harassment. These are BS questions meant to disturb and scare off people.
4. Submit the following information relating to your past and present directors, officers, and key employees:
  1. a. provide a resume for each.
  2. b. Indicate the number of hours per month each individual has provided or is providing services to you.
  3. c. Provide a description of all the services each individual provides and has provided for you.
  4. d. Indicate the total compensation to each individual.
  5. e. Describe how each compensation package was determined.
  6. f. Indicate if any of your current and former officers, directors and key employees are related to each other (include family and business relationships) and describe the nature of the relationship.
5. List each past or present board member, officer, key employee and members of their families who:
  1. a. has served on the board of another organization.
  2. b. Was, is or plans to be a candidate for public office. Indicate the nature of each candidacy.
  3. c. Has previously conducted similar actives for another entity.
  4. d. Has previously submitted an application for tax exempt status.
7. Regarding your fundraising:
  1. a. Provide copies of all solicitations the organization has made regarding fundraising.
  2. b. Provide copies of all documents related to the organizations fundraising events, including pamphlets, flyers, brochures, webpage solicitations.
  3. c. Provide a listing and details regarding all fundraising expenses.
8. Please provide the following regarding your merchandise sales:
  1. a. A vendor list. Indicate if the vendor is a related party.
  2. b. A list of items sold.
  3. c. Your cost for each item.
  4. d. The selling price of each item.
9. Provide actual financial information for 2011 and a budget for 2012. Provide details regarding each item listed.

10. Regarding your current and planned employees:

  1. a. How many employees do you have?
  2. b. Indicate the total of full time, part time and seasonal employees.
  3. c. If employees are part time, when did/do they work?
  4. d. If employees are seasonal, during what season (months) did/do they work?
  5. e. How many employees are/were devoted to each activity of the organization throughout the year?
11. Regarding your current and planned volunteers:
  1. a. How many volunteers do you have?
  2. b. How many volunteers are/were devoted to each activity of the organization throughout the year?
  3. c. How many and what sort of resources re devoted to volunteer activities?
12. You will educate the public and work in concert with other citizens to bring about public policy changes. You will have monthly meetings, operate a website, conduct candidate forums, organize your community, operate on social network sites, conduct a youth program and operate other programs. To help us gain a better understanding of your organization, please provide the following estimates:
  1. a. Provide a listing of all of your past activities. Indicate the percentage of your time spent conducting the activity (total of all activities should equal 100:) and the percentage of your funds spent conducting the activity (total of all activities should equal 100%)
  2. b. Provide a listing of all of you rplanned activities. Indicate the percentage of your time spend conducting the activity (total of all activities should equal 100%) and the percentage of your funds you will spend conducting the activity (total of all activities should equal 100%)
13. Fully describe your youth outreach program with the local school district.

14.  Provide information regarding the Butler County Teen Age Republicans and your relationship.

15. You are a membership organization. Provide details regarding all members' fees and benefits.

16. Provide a list of all issues that are important to your organization. Indicate your position regarding each issue.

17. Do you publish or distribute materials or conduct other communications that are prepared by or reviewed by another organization? If yes, explain and provide a copy of such materials or communications.
20. You have conducted polls of your membership to determine which candidates and issues they are supporting. Provide details this process ([sic]. Indicate how many such polls you have conducted and what you have done with the poll results.

21. An attachment to the Form 1023 indicated you will not endorse candidates or issues. Is this still accurate? If not, explain and answer the following:
  1. a. Provide your endorsement criteria.
  2. b. Once a candidate is endorsed, how does your organization handle the endorsement?
  3. c. Provide a list of all candidates you have endorsed.
  4. d. Does your organization notify the candidate of the endorsement? If yes, explain.
  5. e. Do you provide any materials to candidates, which they may use to promote their candidacy? If so, please describe and provide copies of those materials.
34. Has your organization engaged in any activities with the news media? If so, please describe those activities in further details and, if available, provide copies of articles printed or transcripts of items aired because of that activity. News media activity may include the following:
  1. a. Newspaper advertisements
  2. b. Press releases
  3. c. Interviews with news media
  4. d. Letters to the editor
  5. e. Op-ed pieces

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