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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meh. No special prosecutor.

I've been thinking about this a great deal. A friend said to me the other day that she couldn't believe I wasn't "all over this" with regard to the many and varied Obama scandals.
  Well, I HAVE been all over this only I haven't really blogged about it.
  Well, I believe I mentioned that I am so utterly and completely disgusted with the Obamabots that I can hardly stand expressing any opinion about them. (I know. I know. Unbelievable, right.)
  I heard some woman call Mark Steyn the other day and claim in the snootiest, most nasal and condescending voice imaginable, "The Tea Parties aren't being harassed. I mean, have you ever heard of EMERGE? It's a LIBERAL group that was denied 501c4 status. The IRS hasn't targeted TEA PARTIES. They only used words like 'patriot' and 'tea party' to group categories."
  I'm sorry, lady, but you're a moron. (I regret, even now, using such descriptors but I am completely unable to be civil at this point.)
  See, that's all these people need. ONE denied group (probably planted) to claim there's no discrimination, regardless the IRS confession, the long trail of letters and bizarre "what do you pray for"'s like when infiltrators wear racist shirts to Tea Party rallies and then act like, whoa, Tea Partiers are racist. See? I Someone wore a racist t-shirt and that proves it.
   It's obvious that the media isn't going to do much regarding telling the truth about the commies currently running our country, notwithstanding their pursed lips sanctimonious refusal to attend Eric Holder's "off the record" shmoozing afternoon klatsch.
  Are we to believe that the MSM HASN'T previously attended such shmoozing events? 
  They're whores and we know it. They just want to hang on to a shred of cloth covering, what, their navels and nothing else.
  So I'm thinking this.
  There's all this squealing about having a special prosecutor to investigate Holder.
  Of course, the special prosecutor will be appointed by Obama or maybe even Holder himself. The whole thing will go underground and we won't hear anything for a year. Oh, probably the day after the 2014 elections. 
  We know how THAT works.
  So I'm thinking this.
  Let it fester.
  All of it. There's Atkisson, Tapper and a few other "journalists" (not to mention Fox) who remember what it's like to actually practice journalism.
  The information will continue to drip out, bit by bit.
  The uneasiness in the country will continue. Inevitably the Obama policies will come to fruition (one shudders to think of this) and the truth (or some form of it) will dribble out.
  It isn't good for the country but neither is Obama and what he's doing to it.
  The only way we can change anything--or even block anything--is to let history take its course. Obviously the Stupid Party isn't go to do anything to help win 2014 elections.
  But maybe, just maybe, the truth will out through dribs and drabs, through dissatisfaction of average American citizens and through the (shudder) installation of Obamacare.
  And once those twenty somethings, as vacuous and self-absorbed as they are, have to start paying the bills for everyone else, maybe they'll get the hint and understand that there is supposed to be a BALANCE OF POWERS in this country and NOT A KING.
  So, meh. 
  That's my view of a special prosecutor. This is much better, watching Obama's numbers fall and Leftists jump ship as Obamacare takes effect.

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