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Sunday, May 19, 2013

He's not Milton but...

One of the fall guys of the Benghazi attack is an avid poet. Raymond Maxwell is one of 4 middle echelon State Dept employees chosen by the farcical Accountability Review Board to take the blame for Hillary Clinton's dereliction of duty. A viewing of Maxwell's blog yields this pearl.
I ran into a neighbor outside the building.
She said, “I read your poem today.”
We made some small talk, politics
chit-chat that only Washingtonians
care about. I steered the small talk back.
“So how did you like my poem?”
She said, “It sounded bitter, but I understood.”
I smiled and thought to myself: perhaps
twelve revisions would have made it sweeter.

Trapped in a purgatory
of their own conceit…
The web of lies they weave
gets tighter and tighter
in its deceit
until it bottoms out -
at a very low frequency -
and implodes.
It may be just a matter of perception –
they can’t undo their wrongs
for fear it’d undermine their
perceived authority –
an authority they think they require
to stay in charge.
Yet all the while,
the more they talk,
the more they lie,
and the deeper down the hole they go.
There’s nothing I need to go back to -
nothing to re-litigate -
nothing to defend -
and certainly nothing to prove
to the unworthy.
Just wait…
just wait and feed them rope.


  1. Wowwww.What a find. Maybe some day we'll actually have the truth out in the mainstream about Benghazi. I just think there are too many people who know the truth to keep it quiet. I really think the people who know the truth are in agony over what happened.

  2. Sharl Attkisson tweeted the blog.