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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Obama's IRS: Crucify them

  Why is this government, particularly the IRS, conducting illegal, aggressive paramilitary raids around the country, confiscating private property and threatening property owners?
  Not only have Tea Partiers suffered under this administration but so have small business owners.
  Early on, Gibson Guitar was raided several times on a ridiculous premise, only to recently disclose that the raids appear to have been motivated because Gibson's owner is a Republican donor. His Democrat competitor was not raided.
  It works like this: numerous armed IRS agents arrive unannounced in a paramilitary raid, "designed to create confusion...and disruption." They herd employees into one room, deny legal representation or even explanations, employ intimidating tactics, seizing materials and, in the case of Duncan Outdoors, hundreds of thousands of dollars from personal bank accounts.
  These businesses, many of whom are never told of their offense, are cowed into compliance, fearful even to speak out about the tactics employed by the feds.
  IRS audits of small to medium size businesses have increased 32%.
  The IRS also raided, in conjunction with the FBI and/or DOJ, using violent, aggressive tactics, while taunting the workers at the businesses, in several cases shouting, "We're the federal government and we can do whatever we want:"
Jan Morgan, the producer of this documentary says this:
Jan said that these are white collar crime investigations where heavily armed, hostile government raids by 40 to 50 agents are being utilized as opposed to a few agents entering the businesses with proper search warrants to acquire the financial records sought.
“Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the tactics, the constitutional rights of citizens who work in these businesses, yet have nothing to do with the financial transactions of the owners, have been undeserved victims of these frightening raids…unlawfully detained for hours, intimidated, interrogated without the presence of a lawyer and their personal property confiscated,” Morgan said.
  Morgan insists that the guilt or insistence of the raided parties is not the issue. The issue is the tactics and unconstitutionality of the tactics employed by the federal government.
  The CEO of Gibson Guitars, who has spent over $5 million in fighting the IRS actions against his company, is pursuing legal action against the IRS, but companies are only allowed a 12 month window to sue, while in the case of the IRS, they have 5 years "just to think about" auditing your tax returns.
  An official at Duncan Outdoors was told, "We're the IRS. We can do anything we want." Mountain Pure Water employees were told, "We're the federal government. We can do anything we want."
  Again, I reference the EPA official Armendariz who said his method of making citizens compliant was to "Crucify them" in front of the town so that the rest of the town will be submissive, like sheep:
 “It was kind of like how the Romans used to conquer little villages in the Mediterranean. They’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw, and they would crucify them, and that town was really easy to manage (control) for the next few years.”
  Though Armendariz resigned, are not his words proving to be prophetic?
  Is "Crucify them" not the method Obama is employing to "fundamentally transform" America? 
  We aren't going quietly, that's for sure. Numerous courageous individuals are suing.
  And the bloggers keep blogging. 
  And, once in a while, reporters who don't work for Fox News pursue the story because it's their job.

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