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Monday, May 20, 2013

A 4th Obama scandal?

  It's not like we can limit it to THREE, anyway. 
  Between the cowardly craven behavior of White House political operatives toward the 4 murdered Americans in Benghazi, the illegal and extensive harassment of Romney/Republican/Tea Party supporters by the IRS & the EPA and other government agencies, and the DOJ snooping on reporters by covertly monitoring their private cell phones and email messages, you'd think we've had enough scandal.
  As if THAT isn't enough, we discover today that two Fox reporters--James Rosen and William LaJeunesse- and a FNC producer have also been monitored by the DOJ. The Democrat press is now defining "criminalizing reporting" as "dangerous" territory.
  Obama knows nothing--NOTHING--of all this.
  But now we learn from a CIA source that somewhere out in the atmosphere another fourth scandal lurks, and that White House aides are very nervous because it's a big one.
  We'll see, since nothing seems to shake the public's confidence in the Master of Disaster that is Barack Hussein Obama.
  Rush has been down on all this stuff. If YOU'RE down, you might want to catch a little Red Eye Radio. They have a different take on what's going down. They blog a bit and the podcasts are priceless.

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