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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

USAF vet offers to bury bomber in Arlington

  So we're hearing that a Julie Frein, USAF veteran of serving 2 (of 4 year enlistment) in 1976, wants to gift her plot at Arlington National Cemetery to the Boston bomber. Her husband is a deceased Navy veteran who served 20 years, which is why she thinks she can give away her plot to the bomber at Arlington. Apparently the bomber would be buried next to the veteran, if she has her way.
  Frein apparently works at Beth Am Synagogue doing meaningful tasks such as editing the monthly bulletin.
  She just wants all the killing to stop, she weeps, her watery eyes seeping real, true tears.
  She wants the bomber's family to have "closure" and "has sympathy" for them.
  The theory is that she can't do this because the VA has to approve burials. Let's hope Obama doesn't get his fingers in that one.
  Arlington has responded by saying the bomber "will not be buried there."
  Her face turns mean, mean, when asked what America will think of this bold act of weepy Julie's. 
  "They'll just have to get over it, " she says, pursing her lips. "Nobody," she weeps, "deserves to rot above ground."
  Uh huh. Well, Americans disagree.
  Unfortunately for Ms. Frein, here are the requirements to be buried at Arlington:
d.Any former member of the Armed Forces whose last active duty (other than for training) military service terminated honorably and who has been awarded one of the following decorations:
1.Medal of Honor
2.Distinguished Service Cross (Air Force Cross or Navy Cross)
3.Distinguished Service Medal
4.Silver Star
5.Purple Heart
  Arlington has responded by saying the bomber "will not be buried there." 
  Bite me, Julie Frein.


  1. This is someone who clearly loathes the military, military widow, 2 of 4 year veteran, or not. What better way to stick it to the military and the USA than to put the body of a anti-American in a National Cemetary. As long as she feigns compassion, the media and the low-information voter will buy into it.

    Here's an idea: Why not fund to expatriate the body to his wealthy parents (pick one) in Russia and let them bury the body.

  2. Yeah, I agree. Send him "home." He never liked Americans anyway, right? She's a sappy Leftist who wants to enrage Americans further. What about "closure" for all the families who lost limbs and family members? Hogwash.