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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Morning roundup Memorial Day Weekend

  There've been many excellent articles posted this week which I haven't had time to discuss. Here's a roundup:
  • Tea Partiers weren't the first to be strangely and snoopily queried by the IRS. So was Ollie North many years ago. See the questions here. I mean, what do you pray about?
  • Did you know DHS--now sporting new POLICE banners rather than just DHS banners--monitored several Tea Party rallies last Tuesday? Talk about being in your face! Here, here and here.
  • A top CBS News official is a brother of a particularly rabid White House official, which may explain why Sheryl Atkisson's Benghazi stories have been dragged slowly in front of the public?
  • Even Eugene Robinson wonders what the White House is up to in tapping Rosen's phone lines.
  • Apparently standards for recruiting persons of faith have fallen. Why is it so hard for universities to understand true spirituality when hiring someone for a "multi faith" job. Thus, Chelsea Clinton gets hired at NYU as faith director.
  • New Benghazi whistleblowers are about to come forward. Was the State Department gun running in Libya?
  • Where WAS Obama the night Ambassador Stevens was tortured and murdered? And why are White House operatives so carefully sidestepping that information?
  • Even Peggy Noonan, who we've mocked in the past for her worshipful respect of the Obama parties, has turned on The One in an icy warning.
  • But it appears that conservatives have been targeted earlier than the last election. In fact, Obama officials began working in tandem with government officials to disenfranchise conservatives back in 2008. A must read over at WSJ.

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