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Monday, May 27, 2013

Chico California Reduces Fine for Possession of Nuclear Bomb

The anti-nuke movement, which reached its zenith just as the cold war was ending, appears to still be losing steam albeit incrementally. Chico, California, judging by this editorial, is getting soft on nuclear proliferation. From the Chico Enterprise-Record.
MISS — The city of Chico is talking about raising all sorts of fees and fines in an effort to plug an enormous hole in its budget.
The council has for years approved spending millions of dollars it didn't have, shifting money around to hide the problem. Now it's out in the open, and citizens will pay dearly if they dare break city laws.
But there's good news out there for nuclear bomb owners. The current fine for a first-time violation of the city's nuclear-free ordinance is $1,064. Under a proposal to revise certain fines, a first-time offense will be reduced to $1,000.
For those of you new to town, this is not a joke.

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