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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another, BIGGER IRS scandal looms

  In 2011, FIFTEEN IRS agents entered a [John Doe] California company with a warrant requesting the employment information of a former employee of the company.
  Rather than simply request the warranted information on one individual, the agents acted bizarrely during the incident, seizing millions of medical records for which they had no warrant and against HIPPA laws. 
  The sixty million records of ten million Americans include extremely sensitive information, including psychological profiles, drug and alcohol dependency information, gynecological exams. 
  In short, anything and everything about ten million Americans, including possibly every California judge and court employee.
  (The implications of such information being in the hands of the IRS regarding court employees are many. We might remind readers at this point that there was much speculation about Chief Justice John Roberts' adoption situation and some problem about their Latin American origins. Initially against Obamacare, Roberts eventually cast the deciding vote, twisting the law enough to be able to support it, leading to concern that Roberts had a personal reason for ruling the way he did. 
  Concern regarding the objectivity of our judicial system tracks back to the founding of the country. The Declaration of Independence warned that : "[King George III] has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.")
  During the raid in 2011, the IRS agents seized cell phones and private information of other employees, threatened to rip the servers out if the employees did not comply and, when they had finished illegally confiscating these records (which were in digital format-- Obamacare, anyone?) the 15 decided--in an abuse of power--they needed to use the company quarters to watch a little b-ball, order pizza out and generally make swine of themselves, insulting and offending the company's employees and making sure the company understood the hierarchy. Government first. Citizens last and least.
  In the meantime,the IRS "Peeping Toms" have refused to return the records, the company has filed a lawsuit against the IRS and the attorney for the company has revealed that at least one of the IRS agents has a history of abuse, lying and threats.
  Why is this bigger than the harassment of Tea Party groups?
  Because those cases seem to be only small part of a larger picture, and the seizure of medical records--with no record of chain of command--is foreshadowing for the nightmare to come of Obamacare. 
  Rather than simply demanding Americans perform like monkeys in filling out onerous reports, this incident involves the illegal seizure of private health documents. Who would know if a court officer was being blackmailed to rule a certain way? 
  The behavior also fits the behavior of the DOJ in seizing phone records of journalists.
  What else don't we know?
  The court case can be found here.
  H/T Post Obotomy Syndrome
  More here, here and here and here.
UPDATE: And there ya go. Even a Dem admits there's more to come.


  1. This is starting to get fun again! Seriously, nice to have this all break well before any 2014 shennanigans...

  2. I agree completely! Now we need Tea Partiers to "gird their loins" and go out and fight some more, not to mention some Republicans to get some cajones.