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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Toledo abortion clinics face violations

  Abortion is morally and spiritually repugnant to many Americans, including me. 
  For this reason (and others), I have resisted blogging about the trial of Gosnell, whose fate is now being decided by a jury.
  The trial revealed horrific details, including baby body parts stored in jars, filth in the clinic, the brutal murders of hundreds of babies and the deaths of several women, not to mention a casual disregard for human beings in general, even the people who worked for him.
  The formerly mainstream media neglected to cover the monstrous man and his dirty work, claiming alternately that the trial with its hundreds of victims was too "local," too "gruesome," racist, or whatever. A story of one woman's journey is here. More details of Gosnell's techiques are here.
  Initiating taxpayer funded abortion has been at the core of Leftists' drive to "fundamentally change" Americans and their backward points of view.
  The Daily Caller suggests that new undercover videos reveal that Gosnell is "not alone" in pushing the boundaries of decency (and worse) by not adhering to safety standards, not to mention the law. (Gosnell murdered full term babies by inserting scissors into the base of the skull.)
  Even the WaPo has an article wondering how many more abortionists like this are out there.
  Locally in Toledo, the Ohio Department of Health has discovered unpleasant and unsafe conditions in Toledo's Center for Choice which operated without a "transfer agreement" with an area hospital in the event a patient is in need of extensive care after a procedure. Media Trackers:
According to ODH documents obtained by Media Trackers, a routine licensure inspection revealed that fungus was growing on equipment and surgical tools due to inadequate cleaning, unlabeled syringes full of drugs had been left in closets, and the clinic lacked policies for the disposal of hazardous waste or control of infectious agents.
In addition to 22 pages of health code violations, inspectors discovered that since July 16, 2010, The Center for Choice had been illegally operating without a transfer agreement for patient care in the event of an emergency.
ODH interviews with clinic staff revealed that the facility had been pursuing a transfer agreement with The University of Toledo (UT), a public university, but the UT president ultimately called off the talks – apparently in response to the public revelation of another area abortion clinic’s illegal contract with UT’s medical center.
  The Capital Care Network clinic in Toledo also illegally operated without a "transfer agreement" for 4 months in 2012 and is danger of a fine and/or revocation of licensure if requirements are not met. 
  In light of the publicly funded UTMC's recent cancellation of their subsequent transfer agreement with Capital Care, protests have taken place complaining about sexism or the war on women.
  Or something.  
  Gosnell in particular was using an "experimental technique involving razor blades":
Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger told WND in an interview that Gosnell and his partner not only did the abortions before Roe v. Wade, they were using an experimental method.
“It was called the super coil, a plastic ball with razor blades on it. They would insert the coil into the woman’s uterus to induce an abortion,” Sullenger said. “I don’t think any of the women knew they were guinea pigs, that they were being used as an experiment.”
The blades were gel-coated and laid down. The device was designed so that when the woman’s body temperature melted the gel, the blades sprang up to cut the baby, thus inducing the abortion.
  As a senator in Illinois, even admits Obama voted several times to  deny born alive infants any right to survival. As Gosnell and Planned Parenthood, Obama believes that if any infant--including full term-- is born alive, the "mother" has the right to choose whether he or she lives or dies.
  Sorta like God, ya know.
  Abortion is an ugly business; Gosnell's behavior was in the extreme, to be sure, but his callous disregard for humanity's most vulnerable citizens reveals its rotten core.

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