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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So where do Leftists go from here?

  Very interesting read over at Politico, who say that the press corps is turning on the Beloved One. Is it true? Is it lasting? Hard to know at this point but here are some highlights.
  • On MSNBC, Leftist Jonathan Alter complains to Chris Matthews that the BO "infantilizes" the people around him, who have an "unhealthy love" for BO, something we've been complaining about for many years.
  [Well, duh. You can see through BO's selections of idiots people like Biden and Kerry that he wants to be perceived as the king, surrounded by court jesters whose only purpose in life is to glorify the king.]
  At this point, this self flagellation may just be a moment of clarity and expiation until the Leftists move on to their next conservative target.
  OTOH, this could also be a self-reflective moment (after their candidate is safely reelected) in which they realize the ultimate destruction Obama has inflicted on his wing of the party in the long run, or at least for 2014.
  AND realize there's a concern that he won't be letting go once he's out of office, given that he's morphed his social action OFA into yet another arm of Obama worship/thuggery/bullying.


  1. Obama's approval ratings are pretty much unchanged. Unless and until bad news hits TMZ, his base is still behind him.

  2. We'll see. My feeling is all this may get so big they can't handle it. They're NOT going to impeach him or anything but if these problems---and many more to come, I surmise--are available to pound into the ground, perhaps his influence will wane enough to prevent a House takeover in 2014. Hope they lose the Senate too. Crooks.