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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama: It's fixed so shut up!

  Well, it looks like Obama's following Charlie Rangel's advice about getting out front on the IRS scandal. Naturally, he'll have a fall guy (who will somehow land on his/her feet in some Leftist think tank) to blame all the crap on.
  His eyebrows will go up and down dramatically to show his emotion, unlike the no-drama Obama Neil Cavuto was complaining about on his show at 4:00 on FNC. Please.
  Now everyone can rest at ease because Obama to the rescue! It's all fixed! Republicans should just STFU!
  What the heck did he mean that the "laws must be clear" fair and impartial and that there isn't "ambiguity" around the laws?
  What's ambiguous about "it's illegal to do this."

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