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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oooookaay....Sanford wins

  Did I see this coming?
  No, I did not.
  Mark Sanford, who sure looks loony tunes and a scandal bag, running against a movie star-ish relative in South Carolina....wins???
  This is something that is sorta rocking the political establishment, since Leftists saw this seat as theirs and an entry into regaining the House in 2014, given the opposition and the name recognition of Colbert-Busch, who had a police record the media avoided mentioning and (I'm guessing) adopted two last names since her maiden name is well known in most circles.
  Sorry about stopping that Leftist, Big Mo, y'all.
  I guess South Carolina'd rather have a sorry ass ex governor Republican than a Leftist commie ready to toe the Obamacare line.

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