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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama's community is organized....against American citizens

  So I'm carefully monitoring the developments in the latest scandals of the President of the United States, who has excelled in Chicago Thuggery since he was elected by the naifs/weak/moochers of this country.
  It's interesting that this week, the 40th anniversary of Watergate (which seems so infantile in comparison, does it not?), the foul scandals have blossomed so significantly that even the press notices and is offended because, stupidly, they realize that the stench extends to even them.
  At the risk of rehashing what the well-informed already know, the scandals just now are:
  1.  Benghazi has finally entered the MSM consciousness. Benghazi has been a thorn in the side of Tea Partiers for over 8 months. What is the offense? Men representing the United States of America were murdered by Libyan terrorists, contrary to the claims of the State Department and the POTUS at the time who blamed a stupid video. 
  Of the four men murdered, two courageous men voluntarily went to the aid of the first two, thinking the USA would provide the requested backup. The attack lasted 7 hours. 
  Such aid did not come, with the explanation being that the military didn't know what the cost of providing aid would be (as if the result of any battle is known beforehand) or that they were too far away (400 miles was too much for jets, apparently).
  Rumors swirled into conspiracy; why was the American embassy under attack? Was it to kidnap Ambassador Stevens as a trade for the vile blind Sheikh? Or was it because our State Department was gun running in Libya?
  One thing's for sure. Lots of lies have been told about what was really going on there. 
 2.  The greatest uproar has been over the IRS scandal. Why are people surprised that Chicago Thugs would be adept at using the IRS to threaten the safety and security of Tea Partiers, who've been mocked and ridiculed since they collectively and telepathically decided they weren't going to take any more of the DC corruption of either party. It was like everyone just showed up at street corners for Tea Party rallies after the Rick Santelli rant. Duh.
  Horrific tales have been floating around the web for years about IRS harassment of Tea Parties, nascent and unfunded groups who are committed to the welfare of this country.
  Sunday I posted some of the open ended questions the IRS has demanded of citizens with links to a letter sent to the Ohio Liberty Township Tea Party; the Waco Tea Party also has been verbal in protesting the attacks of the IRS. The harassment was meant, of course, to ward off both donors and Tea Partiers from gathering together for the good of the country.

  Business Insider:
Toby Marie Walker, the president of the Waco Tea Party, said the group then received a 20-question form requesting additional information. This form was sent to many different conservative groups.
In the form was a request to provide copies of blog posts, articles, and other media distributed to members. That included copies of tweets, Facebook posts, and other social networking platforms.
"Last week, we were mentioned 389 times in news stories," Walker told Business Insider. "Now imagine gathering that for two years. I mean, it would've taken a U-Haul truck."
In a follow-up, Walker also said that the IRS asked for a roster of the group's board of directors and whether it could see any of those members ever pursuing higher office. 
"How are you supposed to answer that question for the future?" Walker said. "They don't issue crystal balls when you sign up for the Waco Tea Party.
  You might be familiar with what's happening: it's the reason the Declaration of Independence was written. Something about "eating out our substance" and erecting "a multitude of new offices.
  In addition, some Romney donors were personally targeted and lied about as lawbreakers and shady characters.
  ADDITIONALLY, information about conservative groups was illegally leaked to Leftist groups by the IRS. Leftist groups were hurried through for IRS approval, while conservative groups were harassed.
  This behavior is typical of this administration; one administrator defined the philosophy of, like the Romans, crucifying and making examples of a few so that the group will learn how to behave, which is pretty much the prevailing philosophy of the Obama administration. 
  3. The most recent scandal is the revelation that the Obama administration targeted the press, too, by sneaking into personal and business cell phone information. Tapping the personal cell phones of reporters to find out who leaked info about a DOJ target. Citing national defense, the administration claims they did nothing "inappropriate" or "insensitive," the fairly innocuous terms used to describe harassing Tea Partiers. 
  Naturally reporters are most outraged by the latter offense.
  Everyone knows that Obama sets up reporters before a press conference. The questions are scripted; reporters refuse to ask difficult questions or even follow up with a line of thought.
  Everyone knows the press has been sympathetic to Obama because of his race and his politics.
  The chickens coming home to roost for Obama are a result of both neglectful and malicious leadership. When the leader of the country personally maligns and targets individual citizens---way back to the Cambridge cops--the pack that follows him will do the same to please him, only worse. 
  It is understood that these people are fair game; like any community organizer, Obama has organized his community to attack those with whom he disagrees.

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