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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Not terror related...

  So let me get this straight.
  A Muslim guy shouts Allahu Ahkbar at Fort Hood, shoots (wounds and kills) dozens of soldiers and it's called "workplace violence," "not terror related."
  At least two Muslim guys blow up a race in Boston, killing several and severing limbs of many, and the incident is "not terror related." (There may be more guys involved, but how would we know since Michelle Obama went to see one Saudi national suspect who was then carefully removed from the hospital and escorted home?)
  A couple Muslim guys behead a British soldier in the street, explain their motivations coolly to a cell camera while waving bloody hands, and the incident is "not terror related." In fact, the London mayor goes to great efforts to explain that it certainly had nothing to do with terror or Islam.
  Muslim "youths" who've immigrated and live on the public dole riot for 5 nights in Sweden but the police there have decided "There was a widespread assertion that the violence was not motivated by Islamist ideology" and instead they'll "liaise" with Mosque leaders to "calm" things down.
  In fact, Muslim, er, immigrant youths have chosen to riot in countries across the world for unknown reasons.
  Two men "joke" on a Pakistani plane which is then landed and the incident is not "terror related."
  So we're going to close Guantanamo because it's not in keeping with "who we are" and then send those terrorists home to Yemen where they'll be set free to kill again.
  And our POTUS goes on tv and claims the Global War on Terror is.....over?
  What am I missing here?
  My lyin' eyes?

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