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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whatever Happened to Debbie Wasserman Schultz

In bygone days members of the press and government paid great attention to who stood next to whom and who was not present at the tomb of Lenin at the May Day parade. The Russian news agency TASS was never a picture of candor so if intelligence officers or enterprising journalists wanted to know whose star was rising or who may possibly be doing hard labor at the Gulag gazing at the dignitaries in their fur hats and drab uniforms was about as good as it got. Maybe during a second Obama term, when he has more flexibility, he and his party may get around to instituting an annual May Day parade but until then public is pretty much in the dark. The most open administration ever has not seen fit to have a White House press briefing for 15 days which is of no importance in that after Benghazi Jay Carney has no credibility anyway but how will we ever know what happened to Debbie?

There have been rumors since last spring that Obama was not keen on Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the job she was doing at the DNC. Supposedly Obama was going to send the gentle lady from Fort Lauderdale down the road but as political fortunes have shifted he may not be the head of his party much longer. We last saw Debbie at the Democratic convention. She and her new best friend, Sandra Fluke, had been to the Republican convention to fan the flames of the the party's supposed war on women. Then over a period of 3 days her career unraveled.

Debbie did not have a good convention. She lied about everything and seemed to get caught lying about everything. First she said that Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren had told her that what Republicans were doing “was dangerous for Israel.” Oren vigorously denied saying any such thing. Then she said she had been misquoted by a conservative reporter. Then the conservative reporter, Phillip Klein of the Washington Examiner, produced an audio tape of her saying everything she denied saying. DWS reached the pinnacle of absurdity when she appeared on CNN and tried to explain away the fact that the amendment to the party platform that reinstated God and support of Israel obviously did not win a majority of the voice vote let alone the required two thirds. After the interview the CNN panel can be seen laughing at her. She hasn't been seen on national television since. Of course most congressmen are seldom seen on national television and that is probably just as well but she is the chair of her party. I suppose after the election we'll hear she had been sent on a fact finding tour of Gitmo.

Most television viewers can endure the loss of DWS reasonably well but with Biden in sequestration and Obama obsessed with Big Bird the is no one from the Democratic Party aside from the campaign hacks to articulate the party's inane talking points. Maybe with some coaching from Susan Rice Debbie can make a comeback but right now I keep thinking she's the dog that didn't bark.

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