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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama can't let go of Big Bird

  We're getting closer to the election, the polls are tighter and, in fact, Governor Romney is positioned well. His debate performance, which was the first appearance in which America got to see him outside the RNC convention and 30 second spots, and we liked what we saw. 
  Previously the Obama team had been successful in painting Romney as greedy, out of touch and pampered.
 Since the debate that depiction has been reversed.
  It surely seems now that the Obamabots have overshot their goal, becoming like Keystone Cops who aren't capable of solving a crime but rather more capable of creating crimes through negligence and buffoonery. In addition, Obama hasn't actually performed the function of the office in months, instead preferring to jet around the country at taxpayer expense meeting with people who inexplicably adore him. 
  In spite of being propped up by the press, the Obama administration's inadequacy in dealing with issues of any kind is being revealed, through the contradictory and confused messaging from the State Department and the BenGhazi debacle to the ridiculous Big Bird fixation Obama has developed from the debate last week.
  In fact, Obama's failure in that debate seems to have lodged itself unhealthily in his mind, driving him to behave erratically and unwisely, out of step with his usual slick presentation.
  Why else would this campaign not completely drop his debate performance, as if it never happened or it was an anomaly? 
  Yet instead they've even made a ridiculous, widely mocked, cartoonish commercial about Big Bird, which has only served to create more interest in Sesame Street's total assets ($289 million), why the government funds PBS at all (about $450 million) and why Sesame Street received $1 million in stimulus funding, creating 1.47 jobs.
  For the Obama campaign to focus on Romney's claim to abolish funding of Big Bird ignores the greater point Romney was making:
  We cannot afford to borrow money to fund projects like Big Bird, particularly when such projects are so obviously self sustaining.
  For the President of the United States to ignore that greater point--that we are drowning in debts and obligations that we can never possibly meet--is buffoonery and negligence of the highest degree.
  The only explanation for Obama's continuing focus on his poor performance at the debate is that Obama's ego has superseded all else.
  We learn from a Dem operative that Obama left the stage believing he had won.
  Dismissing his poor performance, his people claim that Romney was "overly aggressive" and that debates are about "substance rather than performance," a laughable claim considering that Obama has built a career on performance to the point of being rendered feeble without a teleprompter.
  Again his unrealistic image of himself is determining the course of history. 
  His barbs about Romney on the campaign trail continue, indicating that he is fixated, almost to the point of debilitation.
  Personally I worry that the numbers are breaking too soon for Romney; maybe that's because as a conservative you get used to constantly having to prop yourself up to compete with the onslaught in the press and the vicious attitudes of many Leftists, which have become increasingly like Pravda in the old Soviet Union. Our media do not pursue truth, but rather the agenda of the politbureau, whose disinformation is designed to shape opinion rather than reflect reality.
  Realistically, however, the next few weeks will present a daunting task for Obama.
  He must constrain his ego, focus on substantive issues (something he avoids at all costs) and defend his four years of abysmal leadership.
  Good luck with that. 
  Um. Not really.
  Here's the video.
  It is NOT a parody.
  Not SNL.
  Not a joke.
  Look at it while you can. PBS has asked Obamabots to take it down, considering they are non-political.


  1. Real clever! Just keep reminding the voters of the debate. Is Big Bird the issue on people's minds? This campaign has jumped the track.

  2. Rush quoted Althouse as suggesting that the reason he's doing this is to claim that Romney didn't really do a great job, after all, but rather just that Obama had an off day.

    I don't buy it. I"M RIGHT. It's his ego.