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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Republican party needs new management

  Well, interesting that a prominent Putin critic was murdered yesterday. Called a "contract killing" by some, we await the Russian Josh Earnest equivalent to announce it was a "random" killing.
  Is this the beginning of a trend? An attorney who allegedly had the goods on Argentina's president was murdered.
  Corruption in government is nothing new but it sure feels like we are breaking new ground with the Obama administration. 
  I won't go into the various slithering reptiles bearing Obama's face being uncovered under rocks everywhere these days; we all know what to expect from this guy and his people.
  The politicians who really win the prize for stupidity and corruption, in my mind, are the leaders of the Republican party.
  Do they not know they won? Do they not understand that this country wants balance? Do they not know that Obama is going to push as hard as he can to get what he wants these last (hopefully) two years?
  Instead we have a couple sour faced old men parading pompously in front of cameras, declaring this and that about this and that, apparently absolutely clueless as to what needs to be done to actually win.
  In one sense, Obama has been the most effective president in the history of the United Untied States. He has inserted the feds into health care, many private industries and most likely the internet. 
  He has imposed onerous regulations on banks, the housing industry and law enforcement.
  He has increased racism and corrupted the minds of young Black Americans by promoting petulance, racism and dependence on an elite class of selfish and wealthy political manipulators.
  He has intruded into our daily lives with imperious and grandiloquent commandments to change, to get with the times on gay marriage, abortion, race and a variety of moral issues that people hold dear.
  It's never been easier to defend conservative principles. Like the Ohio Republican party, the grandees are allowing Leftists to run away with the message. We rarely hear a conservative voice raised logically detailing what our response should be to these outrages.
  No, who do we have to combat this imperial presidency?
  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, two decrepit, inept and ineffective hacks who find more solace in a bottle of scotch and fancy dinners than doing what's actually right for Americans.
  And the fancy pantser Reince Priebus who apparently only knows how to fight like a girl.
  OTOH, I guess we should be glad that Obama's critics are only being audited by the IRS and a few other federal agencies. So far, anyway.


  1. I agree that the GOP needs better management but more fundamentally, they need clearer principles. They need a sense of direction. A bus ride is so much more pleasing when the driver and the passengers are in agreement about their destination. The patrons might dispute the optimum route but if they are deposited at the casino door in a timely manner, all is forgiven.

  2. Well, I think many of us (I am not a Republican but will most likely never vote for a Democrat again) DO have clear principles. It's the LEADERSHIP, greedy for more money, more power, more fingers in our pies, who don't care who hired them and pays them. These sour old men running the party are PATHETIC. Mitch McConnell is a House of Cards manipulator who needs to be put out to pasture. John Boehner needs to just go play golf all day at some country club and leave the running of the country to somebody stable and PRINCIPLED.