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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No fear of fracking! Ohio has permitted 1800 wells.

Ohio's natural gas production continues to be hobbled by a lack of pipeline infrastructure but to date the results are nothing short of spectacular. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reports that it has issued a total of 1800 drilling permits mostly in in Belmont, Monroe, Harrison, Noble, Guernsey, Carroll and Columbiana counties. Last week's rig count was 37, down 3 from a year ago but that downturn is probably temporary.
Daily gas production has increased 12 fold since 2012 to 1.86 billion cubic feet per day. To put that number in context, 1 billion cubic feet of gas is enough to heat 24,315 homes for one year.
There are a myriad of pipelines projects either under construction on in the planning phase, including the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the Nexus Pipeline, the Rover Pipeline, the Leach XPress and the Mountain Valley Pipeline, plan to eventually transport Utica and Marcellus shale gas to new markets. I have already written to Shirley McClaine to see if I might come back as a pipe fitter.

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