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Saturday, February 21, 2015

And Giuliani breaks the truth wide open

  So the latest attempt at "SQUIRREL" by the media/Democrat machine is claiming Rudy Giuliani is vile and outrageous for saying Obama does not love America, a fact which is pretty self evident to anyone who cares to actually listen and analyze the words and particularly actions of this "president" of some of these United States.
  This is really a hoot, when you realize that most of Giuliani's pinhead critics spend more time gushing over what Obama says rather than considering what he actually does
  So why are Leftist operatives so hysterical about this incident?
  The answer is simple, really.
  They know it's true.
  I've pointed out on several occasions that more and more people are openly questioning Obama's allegiances, both political and religious.
  Giuliani has blown that observation out into the mainstream, which is why they're all freaking out and making such a big deal out of it.
  So let's open it up a little more.
  Giuliani just said what many Americans--and non-Americans--are thinking about Obama.
  His behavior reveals that he does not love America.
  Or even like it.  
  This truthful observation by a veteran politician--who refuses to back down when confronted by the ninnies and jackals--has jolted the elite because they know it's true and have been covering for the man for years.
  It's also jolted other Republican politicians because they've been fancy dancing around the problem for years.
  This is why there was such a tremendous response to Dinesh DeSouza's films. Why there's a solid base of people disappointed in this presidency. 
  And why the partisans have jumped so hard on it.
  It's true.
  And they know it.
  Their behavior acknowledges it.

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