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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obama's attention grabbers are wearing thin

  Ok, so we have the ultimate humiliation now.
  We have a Leader from Behind who's been mugging for the camera yet again, only this time he's making "silly" faces, filming a bizarre Buzzfeed video to promote health care on the same day it was learned that Saint Kayla Mueller was announced as dead.
  If you haven't seen the video, I warn you. Don't just have eaten because you might cough up your cookies.
  It's as nauseatingly narcissistic as you think it will be. We all know he is one, but this video is just, well. It's pretty unspeakable.
  I have a smart phone. I even occasionally take pictures of myself for my FB page. In fact, I've done that precisely 4 times in all the years I've owned a smart phone. It's just such a waste, both of time and ego.
  When you look at the kind of things he's been doing with "press," like the Fruit Loops green lipstick wearing "journalist," it's quite in keeping, I guess.
  I can't even post this video. It makes me sort of sick, especially the last line and the chorus of laughter which greets it. I can just see all those twenty something suck ups standing around hanging on his every well-practiced move.
  I guess what do you expect from a guy whose primary advisor is the criminal Al Sharpton.
  Here's the link to Mr. Lightweight's latest foray into gravitas. I'm sure ISIL is laughing.
  Um. Enjoy.
Update: Twitchy wonders why no one's questioning BuzzFeed's "neutral journalism" policy. We all know the truth about that.

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