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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is Obama a Muslim?

  The first part of Obama's speech today is replete with historical examples of how the US has survived catastrophes.
  Obama immediately moves into sympathy with the catastrophe of Muslims who are being "attacked" around the United States, placing no responsibility on Islamic groups--who are also Muslim, defending those in the country he feels are being marginalized because of terrorism:
But we are here today because of a very specific challenge  -- and that’s countering violent extremism, something that is not just a matter of military affairs.  By “violent extremism,” we don’t just mean the terrorists who are killing innocent people.  We also mean the ideologies, the infrastructure of extremists --the propagandists, the recruiters, the funders who radicalize and recruit or incite people to violence.  We all know there is no one profile of a violent extremist or terrorist, so there’s no way to predict who will become radicalized.  Around the world, and here in the United States, inexcusable acts of violence have been committed against people of different faiths, by people of different faiths -- which is, of course, a betrayal of all our faiths.  It's not unique to one group, or to one geography, or one period of time.
  Obama then moved quickly into congratulating himself for asking the UN to do something to stop the murderers, spending a great deal of time claiming that there's no possible way the murderers and torturers are Islamic. 
  They're frauds, he tells us. 
  But we need to listen to the grievances of those who are, um, aggrieved about the West.
  To be fair, Obama does suggest that Muslims need to play a role in reforming the torturers and murderers, but at the same time claiming it is a "misperception" that Islam itself is the source of the problem, and that modern life is not in conflict with the barbarism, even while ISIS in Iraq is banning women from leaving the house or even revealing their eyes.
  Today the bespectacled and uber intelligent Harf "doubled down" on her insistence that jobs would stop the terrorists from attacking the West, a view that is probably too "nuanced" for most Fox News watchers to understand.
  How this is to be accomplished, Harf does not say, nor does Obama.
  Oh, and she said--in the most nuanced and sophisticated way anyone has evah--that the Christian equivalent of terrorism is the Joseph Kony group in Africa who murdered children. 
  See? Everybody does it
  There's nothing unique about Islamic extremism.
  Anyway Obama went on to repeatedly call for "pluralism," "tolerance," and jobs for extremists:
We are joined by talented young men and women who are pioneering new innovations, and new social media tools, and new ways to reach young people.  We’re joined by leaders from the private sector, including high-tech companies, who want to support your efforts.  And I want to challenge all of us to build new partnerships that unleash the talents and creativity of young people -- young Muslims -- not just to expose the lies of extremists but to empower youth to service, and to lift up people’s lives here in America and around the world.
  I don't want to waste anymore time on this.
  I just want to point out an interesting article today at American Thinker.
  It's another must read.
  I have mentioned before that more and more people are mentioning that they believe Obama is a Muslim. 
  I don't see how anyone can actually know this, though we can certainly see that Obama is definitely sympathetic to Muslims and not to democratic societies or Christians. Indeed, though Obama claimed today that no one should be discriminated against, he didn't mention Tea Partiers or Christians who have been targeted by his IRS and other government agencies.
  "Obama and the Muslim gang sign" at American Thinker begins this way:
Is President Obama a Muslim?  A lot has been written about this, but if photographs speak louder than words, then a photo taken at last August’s U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C. might shed considerable light.
It shows Barack Hussein Obama flashing the one-finger affirmation of Islamic faith to dozens of African delegates.
  Author Burleigh analyzes Obama's behavior and this picture, complete with closeups that will explain it all.

So what else about Obama's behavior could lead Burleigh to the conclusion that Obama's just a little too comfortable with Islamists and not Americans
  The obfuscations. 
  Hiring Muslim Brotherhood as advisors. 
  Letting Iranian Jarrett run the country. 
  Opening the borders without discrimination to terrorists. 
  Coldly dismissing beheadings and burnings. 
  Siding with terrorists rather than democrats in countries struggling with anarchy. 
  Releasing terrorist generals back to the field.
  I dunno.
  What do you think?
UPDATE: New York Post 
UPDATE: And if you think this post is an exaggeration, check out the affirmation here. This should convince anyone.


  1. He won't be happy until he's turned Baghdad into another Detroit and Dearborn into another Baghdad.

  2. I think that's already in process. Huh. Personally I don't think it makes a difference whether he is technically or not. The results are the same.