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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How about midnight basketball to stop murderous terrorists? Will that help?

  On one hand, I think Obama is deliberately trying to destroy the reputation and standing of the US by acting like a fool in front of the world.
  OTOH, I think this extreme narcissist is too vain to shame himself in front of the world this way.
  So which is it?
  Does he just not know that he looks like a fool? That this great country will ultimately survive him, in spite of his clowning antics?
  Does he just not know? Or is he perhaps so taken with himself that he thinks everything he does is just so cute
  Either way, the Coldness Factor is disturbing.

  Today's must-read over at American Thinker entitled "Obama the Clown" perfectly encapsulates the Obama the Fool....just the pictures speak volumes at that article:
His gum-chewing during his inauguration was bad enough, but was par for the course (could not resist that one). He has gum-chewed his way through the presidency. He gum-chewed during D-day ceremonies; while meeting with Chinese leaders, where it was called rude and disrespectful, and then with Indian leaders shortly thereafter (for good measure he insulted India by characterizing its history as a racist one). Indian media characterized it as an “ungainly sight” (he actually took the gum out of his mouth and put it back in.)
Returning the bust of Winston Churchill, disparaging Canada as greedy despoilers of the earth, stiffing British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, having an aide call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit” (Netanyahu served years in the Israeli Special Forces, led a commando assault into Syria, and lost his brother in the heroic Raid on Entabbe while Barack Obama was preparing for his “chooming days” at an elite Hawaiian prep school) -- bad manners in abundance.  Where was the media when Barack Obama had the disgraceful gall to snap selfies of himself and others during the funeral ceremony of Nelson Mandela?
  Now we have the idea put forth by the State Department's Marie Harf that if we'd just work with these terrorist countries' leaders, we could help get them to work productively so they wouldn't want to kill us, a fat chance idea that certainly doesn't correspond with the Obama administration's war on jobs, work and success in this country.
  (Imagine. The US advertises in Mexico to come here and we'll give you free welfare money but we're going to help Yemen create jobs for terrorists. Wouldn't free money be more consistent?)
  Indeed, the interview with Harf is shocking. Chipper and pert, she lists off all the countries who are killing terrorists in the same breath as asserting we are going to help them by finding the "root causes" of their murderous hatred such as "lack of opportunity for jobs," as if most of the terrorists haven't been well-educated and well-heeled. 
  The complete ignorance of the woman is appalling.
  if we can help countries work at the root causes of this, what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an AK-47, instead of try to start a business? Maybe we can try– try to chip away at this problem,
  Perhaps Harf is unaware that Islamists are imprinting children as young as 4 year olds with murder and hate in their hearts.
  In schools.
  They're called madrassas and they've been around the world--including the US--for decades, as we are only recently reaping what they have sown.

  Misunderstanding the nature of evil, the situation we are in reminds me of the Clinton days when he was promoting midnight basketball as a remedy for crime and drug use in the inner city, a program that has drawn praise from Leftists and ridicule from conservatives.
  It's all so foolish.
  After school programs, the arts, "jobs" at McDonald's for terrorists.
  That'll work. 
  I've written repeatedly that the fool Obama seems to have selected his underlings by virtue of their incompetence to draw attention away from his own.
  Marie Harf is proof.
  Who wouldn't take her seriously as senior spokesman for the most powerful country in the world?


  1. Once more, we have instant gravitas via the addition of eye glasses. People who usually attempt that makeover are called defendants but media luminaries have done the same thing. Think Geraldo after his daytime TV show was roundly criticized for being sleazy and exploitative.

    Obviously, they pulled Ms. Harf from a library. We are so blessed to have this intellectual heavyweight working for us.

    1. Ya think? It's just the glasses? I see my ophthalmologist in April so maybe I can get some cheaters that I can wear all the time instead of just for close work. Up until now I thought it was a Texas thing with Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and lately Rick Perry.

  2. We are in the very best of hands.
    And glasses.