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Friday, February 13, 2015

Kayla Mueller--another Rachel Corrie

  Let me qualify this post.  
  I'm not one to mock someone's death or even make light of it. I'm not one of those hateful people who thinks human life is something political or easily expendable.
  I'm respectful of life.
  But I have to say the national gushing over Kayla Mueller as a person who sacrificed so much and made the world such a better place is a bit unwarranted.
  Reverend Kathleen Day's ode to her the other day was alternately bizarre, extolling her virtues while inappropriately laughing wildly in the order of a fabulist and fantasist, typical of Leftist behavior.
  Indeed this was an idealistic young woman, someone who threw herself in front of bulldozers ala Rachel Corrie to prevent Israeli settlers from building homes, ostensibly to save the children.
  She was a member of the BDS group--boycott Israel--someone who "fought" for Palestinians against Israelis by encouraging companies to divest themselves of any Israeli products.
  Mueller traveled to dangerous territories, apparently thinking since she had good intentions, she would be safe.
  Because Leftists who just want to help are exempt from violence from Islamist fascists, right?
  Between writing verbose, dramatic and sometimes eloquent letters about heroism among Islamists, declaring she wasn't suffering and making desperate phone calls, somehow Mueller managed to get herself killed.
  Was she "forced" to marry an Islamic fighter?
  Did she suffer?
  I don't know but I feel very sorry for this young lady.
  However, only the fabulist and the fantasist could believe that accompanying a Syrian male into dangerous anti-American ISIS territory would have no consequences.
  So it's not surprising that some wags name Mueller as another "Saint Pancake," in memory of Rachel Corrie, who died by bull dozer.
  Though she somehow wound up dead in their hands, Islamists "honor" her. No "suicide" too small, eh?
  You kind of get what you earn when you offer yourself in front of murderers.

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