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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama lectures ISIS

  Obama scolding ISIS in a rambling 45 minute "speech," in front of applauding lovers.
  Then chiding Americans for being mean to Muslims, including some obligatory little Muslim girl (who would be eviscerated in "another" country) who is begging him to clarify that not all Muslims are bad. (???)
  Do you s'pose it will work?
  Will ISIS quit burning people alive?
  Will ISIS quit beheading people because Obama lectured them?
  Will they stop selling the organs of human beings because Obama doesn't approve of their "antics"?
  I dunno.
  Color me... skeptical....


  1. God it was rambling but I noticed he managed to sneak in the the story of the 3 murdered Muslims in SC as it was germane to the subject.

  2. You'll note also the obligatory history lesson at the beginning, as if to say, "See? I can look things up on the internets just like everybody else!" probably because he's such an absolutely uninformed fool.