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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rudy Giuliani "speaks truth to power" because the media won't

Thank God for Rudy Giuliani for stating the obvious. President Barack Obama doesn't much like this country, doesn't much like its friends, and doesn't much like its people. I'll concede that he is not a Quisling but that's a pretty minor concession. Barack Obama has waged  public relations and legal wars on every respected institution in this country from the Catholic Church to the Little League from the Cambridge, Mass Police Department to the Sisters of Charity.
Sadly the American Catholic Church has been more concerned about guarding its considerable not-for-profit assets in the areas of hospitals and universities than its principles. It was more than happy to join Obama in his take over of health care just as long as its hospitals got what they wanted. (As were the insurance and pharmacy industries. Everybody got what they wanted except the public).
When one lies down with dogs one gets up with fleas. The Catholic Church was rewarded for its fealty with the contraceptive mandate conjured up by Obama and his HHS once the bishops had served their purpose. Planned Parenthood was the new love of the moment and to its credit adhered to its principle more assiduously than did the bishops.
 Since then Obama has used the gay marriage issue and his perpetually evolving opinion as a wedge  against religious leaders and would like to assert that a life style choice trumps the constitutionally protected freedom of religion. Notice he always refers to that right as freedom to worship. Nowhere is worship mentioned in the constitution but Obama thinks that as long as he doesn't close churches he is free to suppress the exercise of religion.
In the beginning days of his administration one of Obama's first public acts was to return the Churchill bust to Britain, deliberately insulting America's oldest friend. He followed that up with an apology tour of the Muslim world making it clear to all except the servile and subservient press where his sympathies lie. The high priest of philistinism outdid his usual churlish self and was at his boorish best when he left Premier Benjamin Netanyahu waiting in the White House while he went off to eat supper. The chief practitioner of "smart diplomacy" could not manage simple manners. No, he does not like America's friends and has gone out of his way to make that point.
Obama's contempt for the America's people is boundless. It began to show itself during the auto bailout. His administration demanded the unnecessary closing of auto dealerships even though they played no roll in the bankruptcies and if anything were an ally of the automakers. It was the wanton destruction of wealth. The wealth of white Republicans. He followed up that affront to white America and the economic sense with his drilling moratorium in the Gulf where thousands of jobs in Texas and Louisiana were sacrificed and Louisiana was transformed from a purple state to bright red. The Keystone XL pipeline that would provide 40,000 well paying jobs has been delayed for years. A good case can be made that the anemic recovery is not accidental but a deliberate attempt to reduce self reliance and to promote governmental dependence. Whether or not Americans will fall into the dependency trap is debatable but the foreign born are diving in headlong.
From the Census Bureau; One in 5 children receives food stamps; 24 percent of children live with at least on foreign born parent. It seems the foreign born are doing pretty well without a vote.
Had the media spent more time in 2008 investigating Obama's whacked up and dysfunctional family Giuliani's criticism would have been old hat. Assuming that Obama had enough initiative to chose his own friends his cozy association with Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright begs a presidential explanation. Oh course the media didn't do its work but instead fawned that he was so intelligent that his gpa had to be classified. He was just too cool for school, a veritable deity. Now his speeches have become both boring and pedantic. His unique voice, crazy cadence, and goofy inflections would fool a blind man into thinking he was listening to a half witted character from King of the Hill instead of a presidential speech. Giuliani has stirred up not a swam of hornets but a hive of lazy drones. The media has not given up on Obama but it has become bored by him. It's been 6 years and the same old shtick is tiresome. They defend Obama but not with enthusiasm.
Would or should other Republicans follow Rudy's lead? No. At least not immediately. The damage has been done and any incremental gain will be extremely marginal. Just let it float out there for a few weeks and then try a slightly different attack. In the meantime; hats off to Rudy!

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  1. An excellent, detailed breakdown of exactly what he's been doing. There's more, of course, as there always will be with this dude.