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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reflections on the burning man

  Having been a newshound--in particular a political newshound--for many years, I have to say the past few weeks have been particularly grueling.
  I stay up on the news hourly. I feel dirty reading it, like I'm soiling my brain and spirit by being exposed to the lies and filth politicians heap on us daily.
  Lies and filth about which many people are too stupid to care concerning the direction of this country.
  Part of the mind game played by the schemers (and in this I include both Republicans and Democrats) is that they beat you down until you too simply don't care either or you retreat into anonymity because you're fond of your mental health.
  When I write for my little blog, I try to stay forcefully optimistic, partly because my Germanic nature is so morose and partly because I saw the news today, oh, boy. I mean, who needs more piling on of bad news?
  A simple recitation of daily events from media is enough, without bloggers adding to the shrieks and moans of discontent.
  So if you're reading this post, you're undoubtedly one of the culturally and politically literate, meaning I have about 10 readers. Ok, no. Sorry. It's at least 15.
  Anyway, as anyone who reads my blog knows, I am a Christian, a follower of Christ, and one who believes that I know who wins over all this mess in the end.
  It's getting there that's the problem these days. Conservatives comprehend the privilege of living in this country, especially considering the options. I'm sure there are many other lovely places to live, but this country, this grand vision of America, has independence and freedom woven into its very fabric; it is this that Leftists and many politicians are trying to change.
  Consider these events: the burning of a human, the constant excoriation of American principles, the White House consultations with the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood and other enemies of our state, the flailing investigations into the murder of Americans in Benghazi, the ongoing attempts by Islamists to overtake and destroy civilized cultures, the escalating invasions into privacy, the persecution of Christians around the world far exceeding the past, the cultural rot as witnessed not only in the daily news but as exhibited almost every minute on American television.
  Depressed yet?
  And I haven't even really touched on the vacuous, traitorous nature of the man who currently occupies the office of commander in chief or even the evolution of the satanic natures unfolding before us.
  There's no getting around the despair that one feels by actually watching the black mirrors that are our televisions, our phones, our computers.
  What's becoming increasingly apparent, at least to me, is that the chaff is being winnowed from the wheat.
  There are numerous references to the winnowing of chaff from the wheat in the Bible.
  Though these days unsettle, perhaps they are what they are meant to be. 
  It's true there have been many recent terrible days in the past; certainly WW2 was a time of great tribulation. And when Israel became a nation in 1948, my mother nodded knowingly, saying that the days were numbered before what Christians think of as an end, though in reality it will be a new beginning.
  Is it the end of days?
  Certainly Islamists believe we have reached that point.
  Those of us who are older (and many Tea Partiers, I might add) have had a good foundation of Judeo Christian western civilization principles, principles that establish right from wrong, punishment for wrongdoing, fairness and peace.
  The younger among us have a greater challenge, as much of academia has degenerated into contemptible engines for the promulgation of weird and diseased cultural trends, not to mention their eschewing classic lessons from history.
  In these days as it becomes more challenging to declare one's belief in Christ, I believe it is part of the natural process of winnowing.
  Those of us who are clearly focused on the intended destruction of this country understand the destructive actions of Leftists. Those who are not focused on even self preservation are, I'm sorry--the fools-- who have little regard for their own futures. 
  Too absorbed in cat videos, their necks are sore and their heads are facing only the black mirror and their reflections in it.
  My morose nature shows here and, for that, I regret.
  Yet much of the prophecy has already happened, just as Christ foretold. 
  What happens next we do not know, as we are surprised daily as events unfold. Nothing is too bizarre, too horrendous, too outrageous. Confused and confusing genders, offense at every word, new regulations, restrictions, wars and rumors of wars.
  It almost seems like birth pangs, doesn't it?
  Surely there is more to come.
  Putting the house in order, we fight on, with love and compassion and peace toward others, though we abhor what they do.
  Prayers to the Almighty for the Muslim family of the burning man. His journey is over. My heart grieves for what he suffered, and for all the Christians who are persecuted and enslaved around the world.

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