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Monday, February 9, 2015

Why does Obama hate America?

  It's really a rhetorical question, at this point, but there seem to be so many reasons this man hates this country.
  There's a reason I've heard more people declare Obama is a Muslim in the past month than ever before.
  A crucial issue remains. Why does he hate us?
  Political conservatism.
  All of these?
  After last week's Prayer Breakfast when he claimed that Christians need to go back 1000 years to remember they are the equivalent to Islamists burning a man alive today and then scolded Americans not to get on their high horses because they don't burn people alive today...
  Well, it's really tough for even the morons to say this man loves this country at all.
  Consider the following:
  • Obama repeatedly apologizes for this country, finding fault
  • the Iranian born Valerie Jarrett is advising him (and in fact determining policy, in many cases), 
  • that Obama was raised by self avowed communists, 
  • that he attended a malicious church for years, 
  • that he repeatedly defends Muslim extremists, 
  • that the USA will be funding and facilitating nuclear abilities in Iran, 
  • that Obama favors illegal law breakers to the point of financially supporting them against American citizens,
  • that he prefers campaign speeches to leading,
  • that in the face of horrendous beheadings and burnings he can turn around and go golf within 6 minutes,
  • that he hates Republicans more than Islamist murderers,
  • repeatedly, Obama claims he creates policy and doesn't enforce certain laws out of his sense of "fairness," often causing job loss, economic jeopardy, hazardous energy support and national insecurity...
  Knowing these things, I just have to ask.
  Why did Obama run for president since he hates America so much?


  1. This is a subject that nags at me from time to time and I never fully understand it. You would think that someone given the perks of the presidency and the TRUST of the American people would lose that chip on his shoulder. Nope.

    I will never understand American self-hate. Why does Michael Moore hate America? He could certainly afford a ticket to Elsewheristan. Why did Ethel and Julius Rosenberg hate America? Whatever flaws our country might have had we treated Jewish people much better than the Soviet Union treated their Saturday people.

    We have to accept that some people just cannot be happy. Their hatred of life and self are so overwhelming that all they can do is find grievance wherever they look. The banquet is in front of them and they want to lynch the hosts, the servers, the chefs and the guests, after stuffing their fat faces of course.

    We have all met malcontents. They are part of the landscape. But a surly malcontent occupying the White House? That just did not seem possible.

  2. Honestly the Dinesh DeSouza film (the first one--haven't seen the last) was on the money. It was fairly dispassionate but clearly laid out the training this man received from the time he was born. He sees our country (and the West in general) as colonialists, as if the Muslim countries in which he lived and which I believe he idolizes, offer answers to the world that the West does not. In fact, as with so many Leftists, he is a privileged elitist and fabulist who romanticizes the "call to worship" of Islam. I don't suppose he'd be too happy if Michelle wound up beaten and beheaded, now, would he. Do you think he'd go golfing 6 minutes later?