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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vicious prominent fools exposed

  Well, Brian Williams has certainly disgraced himself, made a buffoon by his boasting and valor grabbing.
  He's a joke, a plaything for conservatives and even the dour lefty Maureen Dowd.
  And a more deserving non-presidential head of hair I cannot imagine, unless it would be the self important bloviator John Kerry, who appears to be slowly transmogrifying into one of the Rebel Flesh people from Doctor Who.
  Lying liars are being revealed, but most disturbing is the Obama administration's not so sneaky slides into bargaining with Iran for a nuclear "deal," as if a "deal" would yield any benefits for the American people.
  So we've been discovering that there's a "shadow immigration" bureau that's been handing out over 5 million work permits to non-citizens, not to mention the flood of Islamists from violent places like Somalia being imported to take jobs from Americans.
  It's difficult to believe, at this point, that Obama is doing anything but aiding Islamists. Even Egypt is furious with him for harboring violent terrorists in the administration like the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that has made significant inroads with Hillary Clinton also. (See: Anthony Weiner's wife)
  And Jordan, who has been begging for equipment to fight terrorists, aren't too happy with Obama who's turned them down because they weren't close enough allies, as if we have anybody anymore.
  Peh. Who cares about Ukraine? Who cares about the freedom seeking peoples around the world? About gay people being thrown from the tops of buildings, women and children being beheaded? 
  At least Dems have got their vaunted health care, though it's following the pattern (as planned) of Canada, where patients are waiting over 18 weeks to see a specialists (Dogs can get MRIs the next day.) and England, where they're pledging the ideal of an 18 week wait times.
  This in a country where freeloaders get free boob jobs and gender change hormone therapy before cancer patients, especially if they're over 60 years old.
  And now illegals in this country are guaranteed transgender hormone treatment.
  As I've said before, the chaff is being winnowed.
  The man who stood in front of the world and claimed Christianity had nothing on Islam for violence. Slavery for Christians is a way of life for Islamists who have taken more slaves than any time in history.
  Unless you're a wacko Leftist, you might be a little more familiar with history than Barack Obama, you might understand that the Crusades, which yielded little for Christians other than regaining some small territory that had been stolen by Islamists, were in response to Islamic violence.
  I won't attempt to explain explain all this because others far more knowledgeable have already.
  Obama rips Bible, praises Koran 
  Obama's Comparison of Christianity to Radical Islam Defies Logic
  Obama’s Drones Have Killed More Than the Spanish Inquisition
  Let's blame Christianity for everything and Islam for nothing.
  You thought the Crusades were evil until you read this
  The Crusades: Did you know?
  The truth about the Crusades
  Considering Obama had a secret meeting with Muslim leaders over Islamophobia on Tuesday, one has to wonder what was discussed and how it surfaced in that nasty, accusatory, inflammatory and vicious speech at the "Prayer" Breakfast.

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