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Monday, February 16, 2015

Cuomo: our rights come from "collective agreement." Huh?

  If you've read the Declaration of Independence, heavily inflluenced by the 1690 English document Two Treatises of Government by John Locke, you know man's rights originate from Nature's God
  The idea is that our rights were in existence before and supersede any government established by the people; thus those rights could never be taken away or abridged.
  Apparently this concept is beyond the reach of Leftists, particularly CNN's Chris Cuomo, who insisted vociferously the other day on television that our rights are granted to us by "man...collective agreement and compromise."
  Now, if this were true, think of the consequences. Anyone's rights could be revoked. Anyone could be required to follow laws, set up by "collective agreement."
  Of course, this form of government would NOT apply to Leftists, who are always right, because every time the people in states like that wildly conservative California vote DOWN gay marriage, judges intervene to countermand the collective agreement of the people and make gay marriage legal.
  Just so you know, your rights come from the elite among us: the college graduates, the advanced degree people, the lawyers, the rich and those with real pull in the universe.
  Not God.
  Because apparently he does not have the influence a Yale graduate has in the universe.

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