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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Obama's mask is off

  It seems the masks are off when it comes to the Obama administration.
  He's federalized health care.
  He's enabling the change of the definition of marriage.
  He's amped up racist speech and is working toward expanding the federal definition of "hate speech," with an obvious bias against the middle class white American.
  He's established the IRS as a political weapon.
  He's worked to increase the number of abortions in this country. Safe but rare? Hardly.
  He's working toward establishing a solid base of illegal voters.
  He's working toward federalizing local police forces.
  He's working toward using executive orders to tax people further.
  He's taken over the internet, as we await the consequences of federal meddling in the establishment of internet commerce, innovation, political opinion and availability of access.
  He's openly working for Iran to acquire nuclear capabilities, as Iranian born Valerie Jarrett helps to craft a "plan" to aid the Iranians. He's desperate for an "agreement," the Iranians boast.
  And he's taken off the mask regarding his contempt for Israel.
  Who can deny where Obama's sympathies lie?
  In one sense, you can say Obama is the most successful president in the history of the United States, though much of what he has done is not moral or even legal.
  I guess it just depends on the meaning of the word success.
  We will see if Bibi makes his case: as Obama struggles to give away American sovereignty to Iran and the "jv" team of Isis, Bibi's purpose is to make the case against the threat of Iranian's nuclear capabilities, even as Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel watches.
  That is why Bibi's speech carries such great weight and significance.
  Though the administration claims the reason it's protesting Bibi's speech is because of protocol and the imminent Israeli election, Obama himself has made this event political by squawking loudly over a speech not yet given. And politiciizing the Israeli election? Obama himself sent over his election team to help sway the election against Bibi.
  Go for it, Bibi.
  Now if only the Republicans would have the courage of Bib.


  1. Is my memory failing me? Didn't America used to produce men like Netanyahu? Real men with real principles and real convictions with real courage to fight for their principles and convictions? It's a hazy memory but did we not once have men like Bibi?

    Could be false memory syndrome. Maybe I need Namenda.

  2. Much of Bibi's speech today was evocative of the American Declaration of Independence. The repeated insults, the parallel structure, the resolutions and the determination to do what is right for the country.