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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary's news conference: Whitewater revisited

  I tuned in to a portion of the Hillary Clinton press conference today, which is being picked apart by everyone tonight.
  Apparently she had American flags removed from behind her podium and had her staff hand pick questions, the first of which was from a Turkish reporter: 
  Would this be happening to you if you were a man?
  Um, yeah, you'd already have charges filed against you if you were a man.
  Many flaws have surfaced in Madame's argument today: she said her server has personal emails to Bill so she won't be letting anyone else see it but Bill's office says he's only sent 2 emails in his lifetime. 
  She claims the server was set up when Clinton was president. Didn't they buy this house when he left office even though they were "broke"? (And, on a side note, they had to return furniture they stole from the White House.)
  And just two weeks ago, Madame said she carries both an iPhone and a Blackberry. 
  The server was never compromised, Madame claims, yet even leftist IT guys are extremely worried about national security with this setup. From GeekWire:
...if the best of the best are after your information, you need the best of your best protecting it. And there is simply no way that a “homebrew” server is EVER going to have the security and resources appropriate to defend it adequately.
Looking at it this way, a “homebrew” server was the worst possible choice. Even using a webmail system like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo would have been better because those companies have the expertise and capability to meet at least some of the threat this class of information would face.
  Hillary claims it was too inconvenient to have 2 email accounts because she had Yoga stuff, Chelsea wedding stuff, Bill stuff (bleh) that the public has no right to see. 
  Now THAT's a ridiculous point. EVERYONE in any capacity knows you don't commingle work and home email accounts. 
  Simply for CONVENIENCE, I have 3 email accounts on my phone. I would never consider~even in my personal accounts~of mixing that information up from one account to another.
  Let's be honest.
  How CONVENIENT is it to go through all your email and sort out what's government work and what's personal?
  In fact, it's suggested that it will cost taxpayers millions to have her emails sorted.
  It's a lot more CONVENIENT to keep them separate.
  And how interesting she chose to open this news conference at the UN, excoriating the Republicans for disparaging a NUKE deal with IRAN, who I might remind my reader/s HATES America with an irrational passion and would do anything to kill and/or subjugate as many Americans as possible.
  Why did Madame open this way?
  I suspect she's trying to support Obama publicly because she expects that support to be returned.
  Fat chance on the narcissist returning the love.
  On a personal level, I have to say there were more interesting elements than even the above complaints and arguments.
  What we saw today was a real feeding frenzy by the press.
  I haven't seen that since a Republican president was in office.
  Reporters were screaming questions, practically climbing on top of one another to get their questions answered, some of which were actually bold in nature.
  Madame responded as she always does: absolutely contemptuous of the public and press.
  No, you won't be getting my server. I've already done more than I should have had to do.
  She read her answers, made very little eye contact and threw her head back to look down her nose when she did look up.
  Her behavior and demeanor very much reminded me of her Whitewater "vast right wing conspiracy" days.
  She was wooden, imperious and unaccommodating.
  It was quite enjoyable, actually, especially considering her party has invested their future in this sneering, haughty elitist one percenter who has spent a lifetime covering for a philanderer and lying to get what she wants.
  Heck, she was even booted from the Watergate investigation of Nixon for "unethical, lying" behavior.
  She's sort of the doppelganger of Obama: the same Leftist beliefs, the same narcissism, the same belief that YOU have no right to determine your own life direction.
  She's all that but without the charming smile.
PLUS: Who believes that server is actually the same one she's had during her career as head of State? Come on.

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  1. when will this all stop.. we all know that if a republican had any hint of this kind of corruption they would never see the a political future ever again... what happened when 18 minutes of tape were erased by Nixon.... Oh my God... the cover up of the break in ... ended everything. We have never heard the end of it. Now we have this Queen come out and say she can determine what is private and what is public about her email on a private server... geeeeeze... something stinks here... something is "Rodham" in Denmark. And I did love here lovely look of defiance and and eye contact with the podium... that is when she wasn't gazing like a buzzard over roadkill.