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Thursday, March 26, 2015

How many soldiers died capturing the Taliban 5 Obama traded?

  Well, now the news is out that Bergdahl is being prosecuted for desertion and is responsible for the deaths of at least 4 soldiers who died looking for him.
   I have another question which I don't think has been queried or answered in the press.
  You'll recall in an unprecedented move in which we the army Obama traded 5 Taliban commanders for the deserter, influential high command terrorists who have gone immediately back into the field killing Westerners.
  In a time of war.
  Now that those two inextricably intertwined deeds are being exposed for what they are, another question needs to be asked.
  How many soldiers died capturing the five terrorists Obama released back on to the battlefield?
  What did it cost our country--in terms first of lives and then in dollars--when Obama committed this unprecedented act?
  I keep hearing the profound words of Susan Rice, over and over:
  He served with honor and distinction.
  Those soldiers did serve with honor and distinction.
  Not that Rice or Obama would know what that means.

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