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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Will Hurd is one for the books

Did you ever wonder what happens to CIA spooks who don't end up as talking heads on cable TV? Some of them get elected to congress. William Ballard "Will" Hurd was elected to congress in 2014 without much media attention but he is a man to watch. Hurd was among the 100 CIA operatives who together with 400 Army Rangers drove Osama Bin Laden out of Afghanistan. He served 9 years in the CIA as an undercover op in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
The former Texas A&M student body president defeated incumbent Democrat Pete Gallego in a district that is 70 percent Latino to become the first black congressman elected from Texas. Life News notes that he is one of 3 black pro life Republicans who along with Mia Love and Tim Scott won in 2014. The 23rd congressional district abuts the Mexican border and covers an area that is larger than 29 states. It is also a hard district to hold but fortunately Hurd had a winning issue-the Keystone pipeline.
For those accustomed to thinking in stereotypes Hurd is a real enigma. He's the black guy who beat the Hispanic incumbent by running a pro life, pro energy campaign. Pay attention moderate Republicans!

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