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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama's disappointment in Bibi's win pretty obvious, at this point

  I'll admit I didn't have such a great week so far, which pretty much put me in a bad mood.
  Then I woke up yesterday morning to the news that Bibi had won reelection, which pretty much canceled out all the bad stuff.
  If you haven't been following the petty snottiness of Obama's heartbreak that Bibi won a landslide, it's been most enjoyable.
  After all, Obama has invested greatly in this election.
  First Obama snubbed Bibi for giving a speech to Congress in which he declared Iran even more dangerous when/if they get nukes (who knew?), but the excuse for the snubbing was that Obama didn't want to interfere in Bibi's election. It was too close to the Israeli election, Obama declared, for this world leader to be seen in DC as if the world might mistakenly believe that the Obama administration endorsed Bibi's reelection.
  But once again, Obama's best jabs are saved for Israel.
  Obama sent a team of his best liars political operatives accompanied by millions of taxpayer dollars to gin up hate and racial animosity against Bibi's Likud party. The Likud party hates Arabs, Obama's people claimed, so they should vote for the Leftist opposition.
  Just as he and his people try to increase racial unrest in the US, his people used this same despicable wedge in Israel. 
  This is typical Obama tactical rhetoric: say one thing and do another. Never mind that 10% of the Arab population lives peaceably within Israeli borders and that they have the right to vote, unlike many Arab countries where Jews are persecuted.
  Anyway all that American money didn't pay off for Obama, cheater that he is, and now he's refusing to congratulate Bibi on his win, even though he's same day Sam when it comes to congratulating winners in other countries like, say, the leaders of Islamist nations.
  Does anyone wonder why Obama's sympathies are always pro-Islamist, pro-Iranian? Why he's pushing nukes in Iran? Why?
  Yes, Obama's smallness is getting more screen time every day.
  Even while Jen Psaki, Marie Harf and AlGore are getting beefier every day.
  Those public appearances sure can screw up a good scam.


  1. Obama hears the voices of the Israelis who didn't vote.

  2. I'm beginning to believe Obama's hears a lot of very STRANGE voices.