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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Democrat meme: voter ID is "voter suppression"

  If you were listening to the Selma speech by Our Imperial President today on Fox News (which Democrats claimed didn't cover the speech, Jesse Jackson's barely intelligible commentary or Alveda King's lament that Democrats are aborting a huge percentage of the black population), you might have heard the "Reverend" and the "POTUS" claim that there are "new voter suppression laws on the horizon.
  Translated, what this means is that Democrats will be finding it harder to cheat if some sort of identification is required at the polling booth.
  Apparently they're running scared.
  From my viewpoint, I'm wondering where the Republicans are and where they were today.
  What a great opportunity today would have been for the party who stopped slavery in this country.
  But no.
  John Boehner doesn't like "messy."
  And the turtle Mitch McConnell decided to hide in his shell behind the power handed to him by the people of this country last November.
  Get out.
  Get even or get out, weak Republicans.
  Get even or get out.

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