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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sydney strikes again! Takes down second Democratic legislator

I guess the only adjective to described Sydney Leathers is irrepressible, at least in front of the children. You just can't keep a good woman down. The former cyber paramour of Anthony Weiner has just taken a second Democrat's scalp. Indiana State Representative Justin Moed, who is younger and even creepier than Weiner, was an up and coming Democrat, a persuasion that is quickly vanishing in the Hoosier State. He won an endorsement from the Indianapolis Star and according to his campaign website had received "unprecedented support from Indiana education and children's groups".
According to Leathers the errant legislator's sexual propensities ran to the submissive.
“This guy is into some really freaky stuff. He wanted to be forced to wear a French maid outfit and clean my house while I degraded him. He wanted to be tied up and left in a closet to watch me have sex with my boyfriend.”

When Ms Leathers thinks you're kinky you're probably ready to be House Minority Leader. Moed posted graphic sexual texts to Leathers on Twitter using the handle “Bitch Boy” and sent her gifts including a “Fetish Fantasy Series Pink Leash & Collar." Now there is a man with refined taste.


  1. Actually his proclivities sound more like he belongs in Republican leadership circles.

    1. Only at the national level. At present the Democrats control 10 of 50 senate seats and 29 of 100 house seats in Indiana. There's no point in running off to Illinois anymore as the Republicans have a quorum without them. Maybe Moed is a creature of his environment.