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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beware the wrath of a florist

  Well, well, well.
  This could get interesting.
  Michelle Obama has redecorated the family dining room in the White House, which is obviously an historic building, last decorated by the Kennedys.
  What designs did she choose?
  Is there a style called hideous?
  Note the modern painting on the left.
  Note the target painting in the middle.
  Note the absolutely hideous carpet designed by somebody really really talented.
  Nothing screams taste like a brown and wheat weave.
photo courtesy Washington Post

  See how that target painting goes so well with the design of the room?
  And how the rug enhances the majestic windows and elegant table?
  Well, anyway, all this redecorating coincided with the firing of the White House florist who worked there the entirety of the Obamas' rule.
  Somehow she managed to get escorted off the premises by security a few months ago, but now she is promising to tell all.
  Got a lawyer and all.
  Oddly Michelle Obama made no exit announcement for the woman with whom she worked for so many years.
  Interesting. Daily Mail:
'But they've said that when the time comes they will reveal what really happened.' 
Ms Dowling's muted departure was in stark contrast to tributes afforded to other departing White House fixtures such as the Obamas' personal chef, Sam Kass, who was praised for his 'extraordinary legacy' when he left last December.
Her celebrated predecessor, Nancy Clarke, lasted more than 30 years as chief florist, serving six presidential administrations.
  I'm betting the florist gets audited this year. Yes?

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