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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some email address suggestions for Hillary

  Oh, wait.
  I'm confusing my scandals.
  No one used email the last time Hillary's legal records went publicly missing.
  When you're old, your memory gets jumbled, at least with regard to the Clintons, who have more scandals hidden in their dresses than most young people have ever heard.
  When they were in office, the Clintons' behavior came under scrutiny for numerous reasons, but somehow miraculously both people and documents went poof into the night.
  From the NYT, 1996;
The release of the records is the latest of several instances in which the Clinton White House has declared a document search to be exhaustive, only to later stumble on important material. For example, White House officials initially said that Vincent W. Foster Jr., the deputy White House counsel, left no indication of why he committed suicide on July 20, 1993. But later, an aide found the remnants of a note describing Mr. Foster's disenchantment with Washington.

Mr. Kendall said the Rose billing records were discovered in the White House on Thursday night by Carolyn Huber, a White House aide and former office manager of the Rose firm. He also said Mrs. Clinton was not aware until today that the records had been in the White House.
  Now, again, we find that Hillary was keeping all email--in defiance of law--in a personal account, both hackable and not accountable to government documents.
  Smoking Gun:
While Blumenthal, a longtime Hillary Clinton confidant, used her private e-mail to send personal messages (like a get well note after she fell at home and suffered a concussion in December 2012), he also forwarded the Cabinet member a series of “Confidential” memos about foreign policy matters.
The “For: Hillary, From: Sid” memos, provided to TSG by “Guccifer,” address a wide range of topics in global flashpoints like Algeria, Turkey, Mali, and Libya. Blumenthal also provided Clinton with information about the European Central Bank, the Georgia elections, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  Now about those "confidential" documents, we might remind folks that David Petraeus just pled guilty to allowing his paramour access to government documents. (As I write this, I see that FNC has already beat me to it.Anyway.) ABC:
Decorated war veteran and former CIA director David Petraeus has entered into an agreement with federal prosecutors in which he would plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge for mishandling classified information.
The charge, unauthorized removal and retention of classified material, stems, in part, from documents the former director allegedly provided to his mistress.
Though Broadwell had a security clearance of her own, the affair raised some national security concerns. Federal authorities wondered whether Petraeus had given her access to information she wasn’t authorized to see, and they wanted to know if she had stored classified material at her home. 
  Even the WaPo has allowed a writer to discuss Hillary's behavior in this matter in an article entitled "Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail address at State reinforces everything people don’t like about her" including the following reasons:
"They don't think the rules apply to them.":
"They are surrounded by enablers.":
"They're always hiding something."
"They only think about politics."
"They never own up to anything."   
  One of Hillary's "official" email accounts was
  We have a few suggestions for email addresses for Hillary.
  How about
  Ok ,that was mean.
  So how about whitewaterhotbabeNOT!
  Or in memory of the famous dragon coat she wore to testify at the Whitewater
  Well, then, what about
  I might add that anyone who's ever worked in state or local government--including schools--knows that your correspondence is public record. 
  She knew.
  She just thinks the rules don't apply to her, she's surrounded by enablers, is always hiding something, thinks of nothing but politics and will never, ever, ever own up to her sins. 

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  1. Evidently she still has her site up because I just pinged it. In the early days of cable I had a static ip address and I ran a website from home on my own computer. Of course I didn't buy a domain but it was just for sharing family photos in an extended family album. I would just mail them a link. You remember when Yahoo didn't own its own domain? It used to be