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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary who?

  Oh, please, please, PLEASE keep Hillary as the Dem candidate.
  H/T White House Dossier. 
  And BOOM! She repeatedly demanded to use iPhone and iPad and admitted carrying FOUR devices. From Hot Air via Judicial Watch:
On at least half a dozen occasions Clinton’s top aides asked the State Department’s Office of Security Technology to approve the use of an iPad and iPhone, according to JW’s inside source. Each time the request was rejected for security reasons, the source confirms. The only mobile device that meets the agency’s security standards is the BlackBerry, JW’s source said, adding that the Office of Security Technology—Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Directorate  of Countermeasures must approve all equipment such as cameras, phones and communication devices for all officials.
Evidently set on using the popular Apple devices, Clinton repeatedly challenged the ban and asked management in the Office of Security Technology to allow their use. The executive secretariat responsible for all communications and information technology always rejected the requests, JW’s source affirms. “From day one Hillary was trying to get the iPhone and the iPad approved,” the State Department official told JW. “She kept trying and trying to get us to approve the iPhone and the iPad, but we wouldn’t do it. Technology security experts tested the iPhone and the iPad several times because she constantly wanted them approved, but it never happened.”
  Even Leftist Bruni at the NYT is sarcastic about Hillary's email clarification but what's most interesting over there is the comments section, which is usually soaked with Leftist tears about various world problems their ideology has advanced.
  THIS time, many of the comments are heartlessly abandoning the defense of Madame, which is pretty astounding. Of course, they're desperately seeking another woman to lead their party into the next election, because, hey. Ideology first, leadership second.
  Let's just try to think outside our ideological box this time, shall we? I mean, why would the US and the world be weary of a Clinton/Bush matchup.
  It's also pretty obvious at this point that the Obama machine is going after the Clinton machine.
  Which machine will win, we wonder?

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  1. I read that her top aides also used the private account which borders on a conspiracy to obstruct the law. What about their emails? While State was preparing a response to Benghazi is it unreasonable to think there was plenty of chatter among them? Did Huma Abedin correspond with the Muslim brotherhood? Did Cheryl Mills discuss yoga routines with Morsi? Why is it no one in the top echelon of the department complied with the law?