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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Who will stop Hillary? Hm.

  It became apparent a year or so into the Obama presidency that, though early on he felt somewhat constrained by law, he made a decision to shred our Constitution. By his second term, it became obvious that his pen and phone were going to be superceding the Constitution altogether.
  I asked then, "Who will stop Obama?" for many reasons.
  Looking at it from his point of view, one could see how a rogue president could get away with just about anything, at least if the rogue president is 
    1) black and has broken the color barrier by virtue of his skin and not his ideology, as few knew much about him  
    2) followed a Democrat president who had been impeached for lying, lost his law license and yet boldly remained in office  
    3) surrounded himself by toadies and floorscrapers who said nothing ever negative to him or about him 
    4)  a "leader" of a people who have learned to scam the system and yet still know nothing about it, such as what the 3 branches of government are.
  There was a slow dawning as we watched events unfold that Obama saw himself as more an emperor  than president, that he "can do anything" he wants, particularly when your followers chant your name in adoration, staring blankly into cameras and vowing allegiance regardless your actions.
  So it's no surprise that the woman who anticipates being the next POTUS by virtue of her gender and her place in line in the messy process of electing leaders feels she also can ignore any laws, guidelines or protocol that she chooses to ignore.
  What's interesting is the Democrat response to Hillary's disastrous press conference, in which she revealed that Obama's presidential lawlessness has rubbed off on her as an underling on her way to the Oval Office.
  There's a lot of consternation in the loyal ranks, it seems, as it was pretty obvious that Hillary's imperious habit of lying to the public has gotten worse, especially when she won't even make eye contact with anyone in the room, even though she faced dozens of cameras and shouting reporters. They've suddenly woken to the fact that she's a terrible candidate, even though she's a woman which should make her better than any male as a leader, n'est ce pas?
  You know, Hillary got unceremoniously dumped by her party from the presidency track for a more appealing male unknown who ran circles around her sour sagging face. You'd think she'd understand that the party comes first, not Hillary, and there are always other women out there, not to mention more appealing handsome men with good hair and distinguished wrinkles in contrast to sagging female necks.
  Though I'm pretty sure Republican leadership doesn't give a crap what conservatives think, it'll be interesting to see if Democrat leadership gives a crap about what their minions think.
  Be aware, Americans, that if Hillary gets away with her email scam, she'll see that she can get away with anything.
  Although there are rumors that the Obama camp despises the Clinton camp because she's not Leftist enough, I believe Hillary is far more Leftist than her husband was and would govern rule similar to Obama's left wing, dictatorial presidency.
  So who will stop Hillary, I ask? 
  Because this is just the beginning if she wins the nomination. 
  Obama has set the precedent, collecting illegal unvetted non-eVerified funds for his campaign from around the world including our enemies. She has followed that pattern by collecting funds for her benevolent foundation from around the world in anticipation of quid pro quo.
  I"m thinking the heavy hand of real politick may be descending on her wrinkled bobbling head. 
  That's what I'm thinking.

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