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Monday, June 16, 2014

Susan B. Anthony List wins 9-0 Supreme Court decision

Cincinnati cry baby, former Rep. Steve Driehaus now has something to cry about. It's not every plaintiff who manages to lose in the Supreme Court 9-0. It was clearly an open and shut free speech case. After losing his election in 2010 Driehaus sued the pro life Susan B. Anthony List. During the 2010 election which Driehaus lost by 7 points, SBAL erected billboards stating that a vote for Obamacare was a vote for abortion. Driehaus sued under an Ohio law that bars “false statements” in political campaigns as if everything else said in the state that year was the gospel truth. It is important to note that all 5 of the justices that support Roe v Wade voted against Driehaus.

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