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Friday, June 27, 2014

Sick of Hillary's old underwear

  It seems to me that those of us who follow politics are really, really sick of all the same characters.
  I wasn't a fan of Bill Clinton, but since he's been out of office he seems far more appealing politically, considering what we have in office now.
  But now old Bill has stepped up his game again and I'm pretty sick of him again.
  See, if you've been off enjoying your life, you might not know that Hillary Clinton has stepped into it during her magnificently unsuccessful book tour.
  Between hysterical cackles, Hillary first claimed she and the hubby were "dead broke" when they came out of the White House, considering that they had so many legal fees to pay, which undoubtedly is true. To lament this publicly, however, is absurd, considering that they quickly became millionaires as they entered the post presidency.
  Hillary's always had an issue with money: when she was First Lady of Arkansas, she wrote off donating used underwear to charity. Um. Specifically. So, yes, she's money grubbing.
  So anyway she's going around the country claiming she isn't rich-rich,which of course she is. Bill corroborates this, then puts his foot in it again by claiming Hillary's right, then goes on tv and cheerfully talks about buying 14 $600 watches to give away.
  Chelsea got into the picture by claiming she's tried really hard to care about money, but she can't. She just can't.
  How ridiculous is this whole mess. These Clinton remarks--and Obama's remarks that he's out there "fightin' for you" meaning Leftists and no one else--are made to make these pampered politicians seem more like us commoners.
  Why pretend? They're not like us. They're empty-headed celebrities, just like the Kardashians. 
  But don't air your dirty underwear to us. That's just too much.
  But beyond how stupid it is, it's interesting that these remarks have blown up, even in the liberal press.
  My theory is that people are sick of Hillary, sick of the Clinton and Obama machines and that Hillary either won't run or won't win. Jeb Bush? Ugh. Another family legacy to be fulfilled. No.
  A few fresh faces on the political stage would be nice, maybe someone we're not all cynical about. 
  And who would that be in the Democrat party. Elizabeth Warren, whose name is being touted frequently as a Hillary replacement? That's about it.
  The Republican bench, otoh, is loaded, particularly with non-RINO conservatives.
  We'll see. The next two years will be interesting. 

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