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Friday, June 20, 2014

IRS hearing reveals Leftist arrogance

  I listened to a good portion of the IRS hearing this morning on the c-Span app.
  I have to say there were quite a few jaw dropping moments.
  IRS employee Koskinen was repeatedly combative and condescending. One might have hoped Democrats would have tried to maintain the illusion of objectivity and concern about the IRS abuse of citizens but no.
  Considering that the formerly mainstream media has been reluctant to cover the IRS scandal, it's difficult to imagine that any Democrat--formerly mainstream media or politician--can be honest about anything without looking down their noses at their opposition and sustaining a slight smile of absolute contempt for anyone with whom they disagree.
  One thing is very clear here: the predominant theme aka talking points of the Democrats is that the IRS targeting of conservative groups is 1. politically motivated 2. the product of conservative "conspiracy theories" and 3. a waste of taxpayer money.
  Repeatedly, the guilty parties insist that thousands and thousand of documents have been submitted and how can anyone expect any more?
  We're so willing to work with Republicans on immigration and the IRS mess, White House spokesman Josh Earnest insists today at the press hearing, that we will actually meet with them, if we can wring some money out of them to pay for the mess we created at the borders created by criminal syndicates in Central American countries.

  Which is of course not true.
  What's happening is that the Obama people are trying to force the hands of those who oppose illegal immigration, regardless of the effect of our economy being overwhelmed by thousands and thousands and thousands of penniless dependents with their hands out demanding health care and a pension. Or worse, flooding our city's streets with even more gang members, all of whom have created an imbalance nationally in the number of "gun violence" victims.
  The arrogance with which these people deal with the messes they have made is breathtaking.
  Sometimes I feel like we're all hanging on by our fingernails because truly, Obama and his people are seeking to apply the Cloward Piven strategy of overwhelming the system and throwing so much crap at everyone at once that vigilant citizens give up, become beaten down and slink away into the night.
  Once again, however, I suspect the current messes will create a backlash unanticipated by the monsters currently overlording it over the rest of us.


  1. Koskinen came across as the most arrogant human being humanity has ever seen. Even when he was sworn in, he raised his hand about as high as his kidney. A giant adolescent "whatever" moment that would portend his utter contempt for the pesky interviewers

    1. He is typical of the Obama administration: we don't answer your questions. Who will stop them? The other guy that was just INCREDIBLE was the last guy from Michigan (I think) who kept saying it's a vast right wing conspiracy because the right wing didn't do their jobs of reading the thousands of pages they were bragging about handing over. Honestly it was SO bad today, just as tin eared and arrogant as the roll out of the ghastly health care website. Unbelievable.