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Monday, June 16, 2014

OEA consultant arrested for soliciting prostitution?

  As we mentioned yesterday, a Perrysburg resident named Michael McEachern has been arrested for solicitation of prostitution in Bowling Green, Ohio.
  Third Base Politics has used voting and political contribution records that appear to show that this is the same individual who is a highly paid labor relations consultant for the Ohio Education Association.
  Though politically some Leftists do not believe people should be prosecuted for soliciting prostitution, one has to put such an arrest in context: Northwest Ohio has a serious problem with the sexual trafficking of young girls who are caught in a cycle of sexual abuse and violence.
  The Daughter Project exists to free these adolescent girls of the trap in which they are caught.
  If this individual is indeed an OEA employee which appears to be true at this writing, it is not just a matter of teachers' union dollars being spent to employ persons who participate in sexual trafficking. 
  The problem is that when a union employee is caught in a such a sting, he represents the antithesis of what Ohio educators hope to achieve in the lives of young Ohioans.
  The Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune adds that this operation involved several offices:
Eight people were arrested in a prostitution operation at a Bowling Green hotel Tuesday.
The incident, termed a Human Trafficking Enforcement Operation, was undertaken by the Wood, Ottawa and Wyandot County Sheriff's offices, the Bowling Green Police Division, and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.
The operation reportedly took place at the Victory Inn and Suites, 1630 E. Wooster St.

  H/T to a local reader and thanks to Third Base for doing the leg work.

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