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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fox poll; 76% think Lois Lerner's emails deliberately lost

Who would have thought health care would be Obama's long suit after the disastrous rollout and the inescapable fact that he lied when he said Americans could keep the policies they liked? The latest Fox poll asked respondents to rate Obama in 3 areas; foreign policy, the economy, and health care. the respective ratings are:
Approve Disapprove Don't know
Foreign policy 32 60 8
The economy 38 59 3
Health care 41 56 2
It a little like the joke about the pitcher who only had one pitch-a change up.
Overall Obama approval was 41% approve and 56% disapprove. In favorability he finishes behind Hillary and George W. Bush.
Approve Disapprove Can't say
Hillary Clinton 51 47 3
George Bush 49 47 4
Barack Obama 45 53 2
The most stunning finding in the poll concerned Lois Lerner's lost email. A full 76% of respondents think the emails were deliberately destroyed while only 12% think it was accidental.

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