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Monday, June 16, 2014

As he opens borders, what about "they want us dead" does Obama not understand?

  This past week's shocking developments continue to unfold: While Iraq burns and beheads, Obama announces he might do something at some point to stop the ongoing slaughter.
  We've now lifted out Saigon style US Baghdad officials.
  After jetting around the country burning fuel, Obama ridicules Republicans at a university graduation for not believing in global warming.
  Then he went golfing in the desert and to a DNC fundraiser.
  The IRS makes an equally shocking statement that they have "lost" the emails of Lois Lerner, who was legally required to keep hard copies and to back up her correspondence on internal servers. 
  This, in spite of the long established Echelon spy network, the new NSA storage facility in Utah for citizens' electronic communications, the constant and warrantless harassment of Americans' privacy and the federal intrusion into personal health records in the guise of public safety.
  Meanwhile concerns grow about the number of stinger missiles left in Iraq that could be utilized to bring down a domestic plane.
  And during a war, Obama has released five enemy terrorists whose main goal is to wound this country in any way possible. The Weekly Standard reveals that the five are far worse--five four star generals--than we've understood so far. In fact, they are high leadership in terrorist circles:
The Taliban Five may not plan any direct attacks against the United States in the future. But they have already strengthened the hand of al Qaeda terrorists who have planned such attacks in the past. Why should we assume, as the Obama administration asks us to, that they will not do so again in the future?
The administration once recognized the true nature of the Taliban-al Qaeda alliance. In December 2009, President Obama announced a surge of forces in Afghanistan to reverse the Taliban’s “momentum” and “defeat” al Qaeda. “We must deny al Qaeda a safe haven,” Obama said. And he reminded his listeners that prior to 9/11, “al Qaeda’s base of operations was in Afghanistan, where they were harbored by the Taliban—a ruthless, repressive, and radical movement that seized control of that country after it was ravaged by years of Soviet occupation and civil war, and after the attention of America and our friends had turned elsewhere.”
  Violent Islamists have made it clear their goals are to obliterate this nation's economy, to establish a caliphate and to behead citizens who do not agree with their beliefs such as amputations as punishment, sexual mutilations, imprisonment of women and gays.
  Yet down on our borders, the Obama administration has opened the floodgates, suspected of actually encouraging illegal immigrants to utilize a rehearsed excuse to demand citizenship. 
  Some illegals have even claimed they heard it on the news in their native countries that the American borders are open until the end of June. Get there fast while you can, they believe, to the extent of busload after busload of individuals jamming the borders and preventing Border Control agents from even doing their jobs of protecting this country from a horde of undesirables besieging this country, not to mention jamming military bases.
  Obama appears blissfully unconcerned about the influx of unemployed, non-English speaking, uneducated and dependent drains on the economy rushing to our cities.
  In fact, Democrats smugly say, if you want to fix this problem of thousands of illegals swamping Arizona and Texas (Republican governors), then Republicans ought to come up with a good immigration bill. "If you don't like what is happening at the border, pass comprehensive immigration reform."
  How despicable the Democrat party has become
  Will it take a stinger missile exploding a domestic airplane on our shores for so-called "Democrats" to finally renounce this man, who is not struggling at all with appearances any more.
  In the cloistered world of Obama and his allies in both the Democrat and Republican parties, there appears to be very little understanding or concern about the impact hundreds of thousands of dependents will have not only on our economy, but on the long term health of this country. 
  Does Obama not care that any one or more of these individuals, some of whom are violent Mexican gang members, can also be Islamic extremists planning violence in cities that are already decaying.
  Obama declares the world has never been so peaceful, so healthy, kind of like the oceans' waters that have been rolled back by Obama's presence.
  Is he incompetent? Is he evil?
  How about both.

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