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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hooray for John Kasich-sort of

It's indeed seldom this blog finds much reason to praise Gov. John Kasich so savor the moment. Without comment Kasich signed senate bill 310 into law, a bold move that will put Ohio on track to ending the renewable energy boondoggle. Ohio just signed its terrible anti-renewable energy bill into law sobbed Salon. The bill freezes the mandates until 2017 and creates a committee that can euthanize the comatose mandates without further legislative action.
Former Governor Ted Strickland who presided over Ohio's deindustrialization moaned at Think Progress "Let me be clear, this vote does not represent a compromise, it represents a giveaway to utility companies and the end of Ohio’s leadership in the renewable energy industries.” He added. “When I signed SB 221 into law it put consumers on a level playing field with the utility companies.'"
Consumers and level playing fields? That is code talk for rigged markets. The Public Utilities Commission is tasked with setting utility rates. Evidently the former governor overlooked this while he was in office. Electricity is electricity and forcing rate payers to pay up for green energy offers little to those outside the cartel of energy producers who can only sell their products through coercion.
So how does the courageous John Kasich handle this victory for free markets and lower utility rates? He handles like a 12 year old boy caught masturbating. He doesn't want to talk about. It wasn't his idea. The devil made him do it. Good God John, grow a pair.
Lest courageous John think the worst of the blowback to the green energy caliphate is behind him, Ohio legislators added an amendment to the House budget bill, H.B. 483, which would greatly increase the distance between wind turbines and private property thus greatly reducing available sites for windmills. Tilting with windmills is not Quixotic, John, it's good economics.

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