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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lois Lerner targeted Sen. Chuck Grassley for a tax audit

Whoops! Lois Lerner's tangled web just got stickier. It seems Ms. Lerner could not content herself just to push around Tea Party groups and 9/12 Libertarians. She went after a sitting Republican senator. Within the last hour House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp revealed Lerner flagged Senator Chuck Grassley for a tax audit after she mistakenly received an email invitation intended for Grassley.
“We have seen a lot of unbelievable things in this investigation, but the fact that Lois Lerner attempted to initiate an apparently baseless IRS examination against a sitting Republican United States Senator is shocking,” said Camp. “At every turn, Lerner was using the IRS as a tool for political purposes in defiance of taxpayer rights. We may never know the full extent of the abuse since the IRS conveniently lost two years of Lerner emails, not to mention those of other key figures in this scandal. The fact that DOJ refuses to investigate the IRS’s abuses or appoint a special counsel demonstrates, yet again, this Administration’s unwillingness to uphold the rule of law.”
In conclusion;
The Committee was able to investigate this information through its authority under Section 6103 of the tax code. A waiver was signed by Senator Grassley and his wife in order to make this information public.
What is this? The Golden Age of Anarchy? A career bureaucrat has the brass to try to take down a sitting senator!

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