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Friday, June 27, 2014

EPA: new appliances & restricting energy use will save you money!

  Obama's EPA head Gina McCarthy is on the warpath.
  Perhaps you've heard that the EPA has a problem with its employees pooping in their hallways and intentionally clogging up their toilets. The EPA characteristically responded to these devastating acts by calling in a "workplace violence" expert who scolded employees that this was a "dangerous" act and people should just stop it right now.
  In fact, the EPA has some really weird things going on:
Contractors built secret man caves in an EPA warehouse, an employee pretended to work for the CIA to get unlimited vacations and one worker even spent most of his time on the clock looking at pornography.
  One might suspect there's a lot of empty time on the hands of these employees, particularly with no one watching.
  Gina McCarthy, who saw fit to do nothing to streamline the EPA, wasn't aware that John Beale didn't show up regularly to work for some 13 years, claiming he also worked for the CIA and, thus, was always on secret missions. Apparently no one sought to question this, even throwing a retirement party for him in 2012 even though he still showed up to work and collected a paycheck.
  Fortunately some dope figured out something was wrong and Beale now sits in jail.
  McCarthy was in charge of him since 2009, apparently clueless to the government waste.
  Now that she's in charge of all of us, though, McCarthy has big plans to hold us accountable for our use of electricity.
  In keeping with Obama's plan to skyrocket the cost of electricity, McCarthy is sweetening the idea by claiming we'll ultimately save money.
"It's actually about providing (Americans) more opportunities to reduce waste," EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told Congress on Wednesday. Under the EPA's demand-reduction scenario, Americans can retrofit their homes and buy more energy-efficient appliances, she said.
This, in turn, will create jobs in government-approved industries.
  McCarthy is providing us with opportunities to reduce waste, by buying new appliances.
   Not only that, but because electricity rates will skyrocket and thus the peons will keep their energy usage down.
  McCarthy says this is not creating "scarcity" of electricity, even though they've scheduled numerous electricity plants to shut down in the Midwest by January. Instead she says this:
"We're not suggesting that we do regulate that. We are regulating pollution at the source," she said.
  Leftists and so-called "factcheckers" claim it's "fuzzy" how expensive it will be, that the whole "skyrocketing" thing is really not a fact.
  These types always claim there will be real job gains and boosts to the economy once their plans are in place, followed by glowing accounts of health benefits and dire warnings that, if we do not take this further action, bad, bad things will happen.
  Maybe something like the negative 3% "growth"? The millions who've dropped out of the work force? The increase in the cost of doing just about everything?
  Considering coal produces 40% of the energy in the country, there is concern that windmills will not produce the kind of energy the US needs, particularly in cold winters. (I gagged when I wrote that.)
  From the NY Post:
Already, the current rules are expected to force power companies to shut down 68 coal plants across 20 states between 2014 and 2017, according to Bentek Energy, a market analysis firm.
The Energy Department estimates coal plants with the output to supply 33 million homes will close by 2020.
“We haven’t operated at those low levels (of generation) for at least 30 years,” says MISO’s Clair Moeller.
  From the individual in charge of our lives himself.
  Why, oh, why, America, would you vote this ignorant, pampered, narcissist a second devastating term? Why.

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